Mortressa is a jungle death world in the Calixis Sector. Like most death worlds, it is host to countless vicious and cunning predators such as the sludge panther, who will lie for days buried in muck waiting for unsuspecting prey to cross its path. The inhospitable planet also includes several species of carnivorous plants including the strangle thorn vine which chokes its victims to death and drains nutrients from the corpse through fang like thorns. Even the atmosphere, though breathable, can be deadly. A strange combination of gases and atmospheric conditions cause the wind to focus itself into thin planes of high pressured air. Dubbed scythewind, it is strong enough to cut down full grown trees on windy days.

Despite all this, there are still humans that call this deadly planet home. Physically, they are dark skinned, larger, stronger, and more resilient than your average imperial citizen. They cluster in nomadic tribes and death is a constant companion. Surviving to twenty-five qualifies them as “wise-elders” among their people.

Related items:

  • This is the homeworld of Hob.
  • Mortressa is part of the official 40k universe.
  • Before the game, my players included this planet as a source of their starting profit factor: Dynasty Holdings.


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