Here, you’ll find a breakdown of Characters by the factions they are a part of. To find out more about a particular faction, click on its related link and you’ll be taken to a page that details that faction out further.

The Shilwulf Dynasty:

The pc’s dynasty. At the game’s start, most endeavors were in the Calixis Sector, now they are expanding into the Koronus Expanse.

Faction: Shilwulf Dynasty
PF: 49
Flagship: Emperor’s Hymn
Rogue Trader: Holt Shilwulf
Body Guard: Hob
Seneschal: Thurman Devalt
Missionary: Annatolla Marastraza
Engineseer: Greuhod Gor’Lung
Astropath: Janus Aldos
Ace Pilot: Uric Heizenfaust
Pyromancer: Erata Exussum
Monitor: Victur Trantor

The Daikoin Dynasty:

This dynasty has been a rival of the Shilwulf Dynasty for years. They were behind a failed assassination attempt prior to the big race session link.

Faction: Daikoin Dynasty
PF: 50
Flagship: ??
Rogue Trader: Aleister Daikoin
Seneschal: ??

The Devereaux Dynasty:

A mid-level dynasty with varied holdings concentrated in Winterscale’s Realm.

Faction: Devereaux Dynasty
PF: 55
Flagship: The Phoenix (frigate)
Rogue Trader: Francois Devereaux
Seneschal: ??

The Gurbine Dynasty:

A failing dynasty buckling under the strain of their recently acquired cruiser.

Faction: Gurbine Dynasty
PF: 37
Flagship: Bifrost (cruiser)
Rogue Trader: Jonas Windorf
Seneschal: Tol Ettinger
Seneschal: Bracha Ettinger

The Karleski Drug Cartel:

An interplanetary drug empire led by a psycho.

Faction: Karleski Drug Cartel
PF: 55
Flagship: ???
Leader: Urbani Karleski

The Komarov Brotherhood:

Faction: Komarov Brotherhood
PF: Unknown
Leader: Aleksandr Komarov

The Livingston Dynasty:

An ancient and very successful dynasty. Every few years, he sponsors a high-stakes race in an asteroid belt near Port Wander.

Faction: Livingston Dynasty
PF: 150
Flagship: Vivian (Cruiser)
Rogue Trader: Conrad Livingston
Seneschal: ??

The Ocaturian Dynasty:

One of the few dynasties led by a Rogue Trader who was once a member of the Administratum. Focused on “sure things”, the dynasty’s coffers have grown slowly and steadily.

Faction: Ocaturian Dynasty
PF: 65
Flagship: Patience (Transport)
Rogue Trader: Elias Erbach
Seneschal: Victoria Pierce

The Velinov Dynasty:

Lead by a woman who is now more machine than person, she has cultivated a relationship between her dynasty and the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Faction: Velinov Dynasty
PF: 48
Flagship: Gilded Lady (Raider)
Rogue Trader: Geneveve
Seneschal: ??


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