Chapter 05 - Post Brig Beast Battle

Date: 263.815 M41
System: None/Deep Void
Present Location: Medicae Ward

Much to Anna’s relief, after escorting the injured prisoners to the medicae ward Hob left without a word. Eva, the head nurse, reported that the seneschal didn’t even require stitches, a boon she attributed to his armor.

After performing minor surgery to remove the tentacle on the female, Anna checks in on the two catatonic prisoners. Pleased to find they are already showing signs of slow but stable improvement, she whispers a quiet prayer to the Emperor to aid them in their recovery.

Completely exhausted from the taxing day, she begins tidying up her makeshift office just to put her mind on a simple task. However, despite her best efforts her thoughts eventually wander to the disturbing events in the Manufactorium. Sorrow weighs heavily on her heart for the death of the Mortressan soldier and the others who had been trapped with the Warp beast. How horrible it must have been-


Startled she drops the data-slates clucthed in her hands, wincing as they clatter loudly to the floor. For someone so massive, Hob certainly has a talent for moving quietly.

And swiftly, she adds mentally.

‘Sorry, Doc. Thought you heard me.’

Anna stares at him dumbly for a moment.

‘Got hit with a crate,’ he explains slowly, motioning toward his back. ‘Said you needed to check me out.’

‘Of course,’ she stammers. ‘Have a seat.’

‘You okay?’ Hob asks, eying the now deep purple bruises on her throat and shoulder.

‘Yes, just a long day is all. Remove your shirt, please.’

She moves behind him and begins examining his wide shoulders and thick neck. She finds his skin curiously unmarred, no cuts or even so much as a small bruise.

‘I rolled with it,’ Hob says as he leans forward, casually resting his elbows on his knees. ‘Armor absorbed the rest of it.’

She comes around in front of him, examining him with a frown of puzzlement.

‘Plus I’m pretty tough,’ he grins widely.

‘It would seem so. You don’t have any injuries at all.’

’Don’t sound so disappointed, Doc.’

‘No, I mean from what I can see you have no evidence of physical injury, as in not even a scar. That seems highly improbable considering your line of work.’

‘Guess I’m just lucky.’

She meets his glinting eyes, wild and amber.

All of the other Mortressans have deep brown eyes. Why are his different?

She can’t put her finger on it but something just doesn’t feel right here. Clearly she’s missing something, but what could it be? A few moments later she notices he’s staring at her expectantly.

‘Like I said, long day,’ she says with a weak smile, waving her hand dismissively. ‘I just need to grab some sleep.’

‘See you for trainin’ in the morning,’ he says as he pulls his shirt over his head.

Damnit, Anna thinks.

‘Look, Hob. I don’t know if I’ll be up for it tomorrow,’ she says, rubbing her bruised neck for effect.

‘Too bad, Doc.’


‘Do I need to make it an order?’ the bodyguard asks, smiling wickedly.

Anna’s lips purse as her own words from earlier are thrown back in her face.

‘Good. Night, Doc.’

GM Note:

This was a side scene that never happened at the table.

Spoiler (Highlight the text to read) Snowmoon just wanted to drop more hints to the reader about Hob and what he is.

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Chapter 05 - Post Brig Beast Battle

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