Chapter 05 - Personal Log Octavius Shilwulf

Date: 272.815 M41
System: Tanstar 88
Present Location: Orbiting planet Tanstar 88
Source: Personal journal of Lord Captain Octavius Shilwulf, Rogue Trader

After only five days of Warp travel we reached Tanstar 88, thanks in large part to Navigator Leere’s skill. When we arrived I met with Commodore Menakos and apprised her of the situation as we left it in WAV-314. She was eager to get underway, recalling as much of her fleet as possible before departing.

Since we would be docked at the naval depot here for quite some time for repairs, the Commodore saw no harm in leaving me officially in charge of naval planetary defense. We will likely be here for a few weeks at the least, so I thought it best to have Seneschal Devalt organize shore leave for the crew. They have more than earned some R&R despite Quartermaster Harzon’s opinion to the contrary.

The seneschal managed to talk the Agriculture and Urban Development Department into allowing us to use their resources to build and use an outpost. I understand that after we depart, the outpost will become yet another agricultural hub for the capitol, Tanstar Prime. I have to admit Devalt continues to impress me with his resourcefulness.

A week into our stay, I received a disturbing report that five of our crewmen had been found murdered in a remote location. Certainly disputes among crew are nothing new, usually I wouldn’t even be made aware of such an occurrence. However, as Devalt pointed out, with morale already so low the last thing we need is thousands of the Hymn’s crewmen targeting the local natives or Tanstar Prime itself in some kind of quest for vigilante justice.

I agreed to a low-key investigation, trusting the seneschal, Hob, and Annatolla with getting to the bottom of the matter discreetly. A native guide took them to the bodies early this morning and Annatolla reported back that something wasn’t right about the way the men were killed. They planned to drop the guide off with a local tribe and then return to the outpost with their full findings.

I do hope it will be soon, dark is approaching and I must admit I am looking forward to having dinner with the doctor. It seems as though neither of us has had enough spare time to really devote to private affairs since her arrival onboard but hopefully that will change soon. There are many things I would like to discuss with her, not the least of which involves something she should be made aware of about Hob.

GM Note:

We were transitioning from play-by-wave and this “session” was more or less administrative. The material is interesting, but not worth an entire chapter for itself so Snowmoon condensed it into another personal log.

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Chapter 05 - Personal Log Octavius Shilwulf

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