Read the exploits of the pc's in session summaries and character journals.

Here you can read the story as it has progressed so far. There are links to all the session summaries written by the game master Eck. I plan to encourage my players to start writing journal entries when we start playing again. And Snowmoon has been inspired to chronicle our exploits in story format.

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Story arc 00: Welcome to 40k

The explorers’ ship is crippled in a battle with Orks, and they must deal with Warp twisted crewmen before limping back to port.

Date Session
255.815 M41 00-00 Disaster Strikes the Hymn
262.815 M41 00-01 Look What the Warp Dragged In

Story arc 01: Repairing the Hymn

The explorers must repair and recrew their flagship before heading into the Koronus Expanse.

Date Session
272.815 M41 01-00 While the Kat’s Away…
288.815 M41 01-01 Trouble on the Surface
297.815 M41 01-02 Dinner with the Governor
309.815 M41 01-03 Picking up the Pieces
335.815 M41 01-04 Hob Gone Wild
Calculating 01-05 Stealing is Bad – Restealing is Okay
Calculating 01-06 The Big Race

Story arc 02: Exploring the Koronus Expanse

The explorers venture into the unknown and lay claim to multiple worlds.

Date Session
Calculating 02-00 Rescue Liam 911
Calculating 02-01 Exploring the Thrice Damned Iceball
Calculating 02-02 Defending the Thrice Damned Iceball
Calculating 02-03 Where Angels Fear to Tread
Calculating 02-04 The Forgotten – Remembered!
Calculating 02-05 Plants Versus Colonists


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