Visit the locations in our campaign.

Visit the planets, moons, ports, and other locations in our campaign. Below is an alphabetical listing along with a brief description of the location. The pc’s have figured out how to squeeze Profit Factor from many of these locations, while others are just important for story reasons.

Cholti – Calixis Sector – feral world that the dynasty exploits for manual labor slaves

Mortressa – Calixis Sector – death world that the dynasty tamed.

Omnicron 71-DX – Calixis Sector – forge world that the dynasty has dealings with.

Palagar – Calixis Sector – junk world operated by the dynasty.

Siccus V – Calixis Sector – dead world that the dynasty mines for resources

Tanstar 88 – Calixis Sector – frontier world with a Navy Depot.

Vatnajökull РKoronus Expanse Рthrice damned iceball


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