Nasa - Venus + Rings by Snowmoon

Palagar is an arid junk moon located in the fringes of the Calixis Sector. The only thing of note in the system, are the rings surrounding the moon which are made up of derelict ships and components, seemingly discarded millennia ago. There is no record of the Imperium creating this massive junkyard. Why a Xenos species would drag these inumerabled ruined hulks to this out of the way system is equally unclear.

Even more wreckage dots the dusty landscape of the surface. The miles and miles of derelict ships, weapons, and machinery are clustered together forming what seem like deserted ghost cities. Other than the few junkyard employees, there is little life on Palagar, however, it’s rumored that a few ghosts do actually inhabit these junk towns.

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  • Before the game, my players included this planet as a source of their starting profit factor: Dynasty Holdings


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