Omnicron 71-DX


Omnicron 71-DX is a forge world in the Calixis Sector Close to the Adrantis Nebula. The continent spanning manufactories constantly work to refine materials and assemble various products. From space, the foundries’ blazing reactors can be seen glowing through the miles-thick polluted atmosphere. And it has been used as a research station for hundreds of years.

This forge world focuses on las-weaponry, tanks, and fighter craft. The las-weaponry ranges in size from simple las-pistols all the way up to capital ship macro batteries. Like most forge worlds, it possesses sophisticated orbital ship repair yards, though the lines can be quite long.

This system is home to an extensive ship junk-yard most of which are destined to be stripped for parts and recycled. There is also a gas giant whose moons and gases have been harvested since the forge world was founded centuries ago. Now only 2 moons remain and the planet should be completely used up within another century.

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Omnicron 71-DX

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