Ocaturian Dynasty


NAME: Ocaturian Dynasty
TYPE: Rogue Trader Dynasty
PF: 55
FLAGSHIP: Patience
LEADER: Elias Erbach

Notable Persona:

Rogue Trader: Elias Erbach
Seneschal: Victoria Pierce

Naval Assets:

Transport: Patience

Fifty years ago, the Ocaturian Dynasty was rife with political in-fighting when the previous Rogue Trader died in the line of duty. A successor needed to be chosen, and while many family members coveted the Warrant of Trade, they all knew the others would gang up against them. Elias Erbach, an Administratum official, was agreed upon by the various factions to be a good neutral choice.

Each of them was sure that the extra time would allow their faction to solidify their power base so that they could seize the title. Unfortunately for them, Elias proved to be far more effective and manipulative than anyone gave him credit. He quickly made alliances, played the factions against each other, and eliminated his rivals. He’s been the Rogue Trader ever since.

Elias rarely takes a chance. Something that sets himself apart from the bold and brash Rogue Traders. He isn’t a coward; he just prefers a sure thing. Most of the Dynasty’s profits are from trade runs and other business deals in the Calixis Sector, but he has made a few profitable runs into the Koronus Expanse.

Ocaturian Dynasty

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