Personal Bodyguard for the Shilwulf Dynasty's Rogue Trader

++ The pain train has
no brakes ++
NAME: Hob Goodwin
FACTION: Shilwulf Dynasty
CAREER: Arch-Militant
IMAGE: Storm Warden + GW2 Norn

Hob appears to be in his mid 20’s, his dark skin still devoid of any telling lines or wrinkles. In fact, he doesn’t appear to have any scars or lingering injuries from his numerous engagements. Taller than most, he stands six feet with broad shoulders and well muscled limbs. Black hair is cropped short in a traditional, military fashion, while his cheeks are clean shaven. His eyes are a dark brown, typical of the natives hailing from Mortressa’s deadly jungles. His typical attire is the the overlapping, ceramite plates of his carapace armour which shows far more wear than its occupant. A pair of swords are always sheathed at his hip while a pair of bolter pistols are holstered on either side of his abdomen.

For some reason, the crew whisper more rumors about the Arch-Militant than most of the other command staff combined. Here’s just a few that have made their rounds over the years:

  • He snuck aboard a dynasty ship during a cultists raid and is secretly working for the Ruinous Powers…
  • When Hob was twelve he decapitated a pirate lord with a combi-tool…
  • He subsists on the blood and flesh of those who fail the dynasty…
  • He is one of the Undead, bound by arcane rites and rituals to the Shilwulf family line. He must ask the Captain’s permission to unleash his hellish powers and will surely murder the entire crew if the Captain was to ever perish…
  • Prior to being civilized by missionaries, his tribe would cut out the heart of a thousand slaves and offer them to their heathen gods…


Raised in the steamy jungles of Mortressa, survival was a daily challenge for Hob’s primitive clan. They competed with rival tribes over basic resources and often resorted to bloodshed and theft to secure what they needed. Casualties would typically succumb to one of the many virulent diseases prevalent in the humid air, making life for most brutal and short. In order to maintain their strength, healthy children were highly sought after and frequent victims of nighttime raids by warring factions. It was under similar circumstances that young Hob was abducted during a pre-dawn attack.

His captors, however, had made contact with off-world slavers. Hob, along with a handful of his tribesmen, were soon transported to holding bays aboard a massive cargo ship, the Obedient Soul. There they were confined within coffin-like cells, subsisting on faulty nutrient tubes and water recovered from the upper decks. The unregulated air was stifling due to the close proximity of the ship’s reactor on the deck above. Exhaust pipes mounted along the ceiling would occasionally glow with radiant heat, bathing the cells in a sickly, yellow light. After enduring these conditions for several weeks, Hob developed an unusual, consuming hunger. The bland corpse starch did nothing to abate his appetite, regardless of how much he consumed. He was on the brink of starvation when something impacted the outer hull, causing the ship to rock violently.

Screams echoed from the decks above, followed by the sounds of gunfire and explosions. Crewmen fled past shouting “raiders”, “mutants”, and “INCOMING” in panicked tones, their boots pounding against the metal grating as they sprinted away. Then a deafening boom followed as fire and shrapnel shattered the door to Hob’s cell. His ears still ringing from the explosion, the hunger washed over the native boy as he stumbled from the wreckage. In a frenzy, Hob leapt toward the closest moving body and rended it’s throat with his teeth. The warm rush of blood invigorated his battered body, prodding him to consume more. Overcome by rage and blood-lust, the boy rushed from skirmish to skirmish to kill with reckless abandon.

Some time later, Hob returned to his senses, only to find himself in captivity once more. However, instead of being tossed back into a cell or the cold embrace of the void, he was confined into a corner of the ship’s bridge. Two crewmen stood guard over him, crackling shock lances at the ready as they warily watched the adolescent regain consciousness. It was then that a young Captain Octavius Shilwulf explained to the primitive that he had somehow managed to decapitate the pirate’s commanding officer with a utility knife, which dealt a crushing blow to the invader’s morale. The Captain further explained that if such ferocity was typical of Mortressa‘s natives, that perhaps manual labor wasn’t the most profitable use of them. In the years that followed, Hob and his tribesmen trained with the ship’s marines and fought along side them to repel raiders and pacify colonies.

Captain Shilwulf went so far as to appoint Hob as his personal bodyguard and sent him off to learn from some of the finest soldiers in the Empire. After years of rigorous education, he returned to the Shilwulf Dynasty and a life of luxury which sharply contrasted with the hardships he had endured as a child. Yet, though he has proven his loyalty to the Rogue Trader time and time again, most still regard him with suspicion and unease. The crewmen who survived the attack upon the Obedient Soul whisper that it wasn’t just mutants and pirates that died at the savage’s hand that day. In the darkest, most remote reaches of the dynasty, some even whisper that he ate the dead…

Hob serves as the current rogue trader’s personal bodyguard for the Dynasty (whoever that may be) and has done so for most of his adult life. He assumes responsibility for the Rogue Trader’s safety and is always present when he ventures from the ship. In addition, Hob is frequently dispatched to potentially hostile locations to ensure that the dynasty’s interests are protected. Though he is well-versed with most modern weapons, he tends to favor swords as his weapon of choice.

GM Note:

Hob’s origin path included the “Tainted” node, and BrianM chose to be a mutant and spent 200xp to select Necrophage giving him +10 toughness and Regeneration. However, he must sustain himself on copious amounts of raw meat…

So far it has proven a boon, and he kept this secret from the party for several sessions, but the truth came out in 01-03 Picking up the Pieces. Lucky for him Anna is an a-typical missionary and didn’t put him to the flame.

It’s going to be an interesting session if they’re ever marooned somewhere without enough animals to sustain him… (evil gm laugh)

BrianM started the game with Hob as his character while we had an NPC Rogue Trader. When Octavius Shilwulf retired, BrianM took over the leadership of the Shilwulf Dynasty with Captain Holt Shilwulf.

Character Sheet

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
45 35 45/65 60 40 30 35 43 20


Name Lvl Bonus
Acrobatics (Ag) +5%
Awareness (Per) +5%
Barter (Fel) +0%
Blather (Fel) +0%
Carouse (T) +0%
Charm (Fel) +0%
Chem Use (Int) +0%
Ciphers (Int) +0%
Climb (S) +0%
Command (Fel) +0%
Commerce (Fel) +0%
Common Lore (Int) +5% War
Concealment (Ag) +0%
Contortionist (Ag) +0%
Deceive (Fel) +0%
Demolition (int) +0%
Disguise (Fel) +0%
Dodge (Ag) +5%
Drive (Ag) +0%
Evaluate (Int) +0%
Forbidden Lore (Int) +0%
Gamble (Int) +0%
Inquiry (Fel) +0%
Interrogation (WP) +0%
Intimidate (S) +10%
Invocation (WP) +0%
Lip Reading (Per) +0%
Literacy (Int) +5%
Logic (Int) +0%
Medicae (Int) +0%
Navigation (Int) +0%
Performer (Fel) +0%
Pilot (Ag) +0%
Psyniscience (Per) +0%
Scholastic Lore (Int) +5% Tactica Imperialis
Scrutiny (Per) +0%
Search (Per) +0%
Secret Tongue (Int) +5% Rogue Trader, Military
Security (Ag) +0%
Shadowing (Ag) +0%
Silent Move (Ag) +0%
Sleight of Hand (Ag) +0%
Speak Language (Int) +5% Low Gothic
Survival (Int) +5%
Swim (S) +0%
Tech-Use (Int) +0%
Tracking (Int) +0%
Trade (Int) +0%
Wrangling (Int) +0%

Talents & Traits

Weapon Training – Basic (Univ) Bolt, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP C094
Weapon Training – Melee (Univ) Chain, Shock, Power C103
Weapon Training – Pistol (Univ) Bolt, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP C104
Weapon Training – Heavy (Bolt) Can use C099
Weapon Training – Thrown (Univ) Primitive, Chain, Shock, Power C107
Weapon Master (Melee) +10 to Hit, +2 Dmg, +2 Initiative C072
Ambidextrous No penalty for off-hand, Special C094
Guardian Sacrifice Actions for next Round to switch places w/Ally C099
Hatred (Chaos Cultists) +10 to WS Test C099
Jaded Not affected by Insanity Points or Fear Tests C100
Leap Up Stand as Free Action C100
Mutation – Clawed & Fanged Natural Weapon Trait C369
Mutation – Necrophage +10 to Toughness & Regeneration, must sustain on copious quantities of raw meat C369
Quick Draw Ready as Free Action – Pistol, Basic class ranged weapon, 1H Melee weapon C105
Resistance (Fear) +10 to Test C105
Sound Consitution (2) Additional Wound C106
True Grit Crit Dmg halved C107
Misc -10 to all Formal interaction
Misc +10 to Pinning/Shock Resist


Power Armor (Best)
Bolt pistols (2)


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