Tanstar 88


Tanstar 88 (aka 88 Transtar) is a frontier world on the edge of the Threnos Zone. Like most frontier worlds it is sparsely populated and in its colonizing-infancy. Unlike most frontier worlds, this planet also has a Navy Depot in orbit. Typically a light cruiser and between 1 and 3 frigates are in standby around the depot/planet area while another light cruiser and 3-5 more frigates are on various patrols in the nearby systems.

The planet has large bodies of water and huge land masses. The majority of the vegetation is bluish, and from space it is sometimes difficult to tell where the oceans end and the land begins. The environment is a bit on the chilly side at 17 degrees Celsius, but a light jacket or extra shirt makes the place quite enjoyable.

The planet has local wildlife and many native tribes of wandering stone-age nomads who are peaceful and avoid the colonized area. The tribes are too small and too spread out to warrant herding them up for service in the Imperium.

The one colony has only been around for a few years but it is nearly to the point of being self sufficient. There has been some confusion as to the actual name of the planet due to a perpetuated omission in the Administratum. Some refer to the planet as 88 Tanstar, while others call it Tanstar 88.

The fact that such an error could occur with all of the checks and balances in place was investigated quite seriously. The transposition error was tracked to two potential offenders but the blame could not definitely be put on one or the other. The two were both executed to make sure they punished the one who was intentionally sowing confusion. The locals have settled on the name Tanstar 88 and submitted a formal petition four years ago.


01-00 While the Kat’s Away
01-01 Trouble on the Surface
01-02 Dinner with the Governor


Katherine Menakos – Commodore in charge of the Tanstar 88 naval depot and fleet assets
Tolvos Dunkirk – Planetary Governor of Tanstar 88 who recently lost his Cold Trade
Charles Peskin – Cowardly Adeptus Mechanicus flunk out. We met Peskin here, and he became a part of the crew.

Tanstar 88

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