Shilwulf Dynasty


NAME: Shilwulf Dynasty
TYPE: Rogue Trader Dynasty
PF: 51
FLAGSHIP: Emperor’s Hymn
LEADER: Holt Shilwulf

Notable Persona:

Rogue Trader: Holt Shilwulf
Next in line: Eisen Shilwulf
Seneschal: Thurman Devalt
Body Guard: Hob
Missionary: Annatolla Marastraza
Navigator: Lazarus Leere
Astropath: Janus Aldos
Previous RT: Octavius Shilwulf

Naval Assets:

Raider: Emperor’s Hymn
Transport: Emperor’s Endeavor
Transport: Long Haul
Transport: The Mule
Transport: The Retirement Plan
Transport: Shilwulf’s Bounty
Raider: The Spiteful Lover

Dynasty Holdings:

Location PF Details More Info
Mortressa 3 Deathworlder Mercenaries More Info
2 Exotic beast exports
2 Halucinogen Narcotics and Grenades
2 Lasguns from Omnicron 71-DX
Palagar 2 Junk Moon More Info
Cholti 4 Slave Trade More Info
Siccus V 3 Salt Mine More Info
Vigil 0 Xeno Archeology (In Development) More Info
Unspecified 32 Remainder of starting Profit Factor More Info
Tanstar 88 1 Agriworld trade route More Info

GM Note:

When we rolled up our starting Profit Factor of 50 at the beginning of the game, I asked for my players to detail out where all that money was coming from. The only guidance I gave, was that most should be located in the Calixis Sector.

I love handing these creative assignments out to the players so that several different creative minds can contribute. The independent creative efforts result in something that is far more unique and interesting than what I can do alone. Plus, when the players help build the world, they become more attached to it.

Here’s what my players came up with.

Mortressa (9) – Death World
Mortressa is a jungle death world in the Calixis sector that has been thoroughly exploited by the Shilwulf Dynasty. The natives of Mortressa evolved into much sturdier stock than most humans and this manpower is one of the major exports of the dynasty. The natural population was too small for a continuous supply, so the dynasty inflates this number with huge, orbital breeding stations. These people are militarily trained from an early age and makeup the Scythewind Imperial Guard regiments.

Death worlds are also home to exotic plants and beasts, and Mortressa is no exception. Massive predators are captured and shipped off-world for a variety of purposes. There is a particular flower with psychoactive properties that is used in the production of hallucinogenic grenades. This same substance is diluted heavily and put into the corpse starch rations of some Hive Worlds to keep their populace from revolting.

Palagar (2) – Junk Moon
Palagar is an arid moon in an otherwise unremarkable system of the Calixis sector. It was claimed by the Dynasty recently when it defeated the pirates who called the moon home. During the subsequent survey, the rings surrounding the moon were discovered to be made up of stripped Imperial hulls and broken starship components. Even more junked hulls, components, and other items were found on the surface.

A small station, Junktown, orbits the moon acting as the Dynasty’s base of operations. From here, they send out survey expeditions to sift through the orbiting debris fields though most of the time they don’t find anything of note. The ruined derelicts are slowly disassembled, the salvagers reclaiming anything that works and melting down anything that doesn’t. However, every so often they uncover a discarded piece of lost technology that fetches a nice price.

Even though Palagar is in what is classified as Wilderness Space, Junktown still sees a small amount of ship traffic. Some captains come here hoping to find a part to fix their ship. Others come chasing rumors of archeo-tech components hidden among the refuse. The small station also offers very minimal repairs to ships that need it. Sometimes pirates prey on these wounded vessels.

Cholti (4) – Slave trade
Cholti is a feral world in the Calixis Sector with a slightly toxic atmosphere. The Dynasty acquired the slave-export rights to this planet early in the Dynasty’s history. The natives were simple-minded, but of hearty stock so they were used in various menial and dangerous tasks.

Eventually, it was discovered that the Cholti had a remarkable trait – they could withstand otherwise lethal doses of Trygathalon-7, a toxic gas found in the mines of Agatha Prime. The gas is released when the rock surrounding Arkanon crystals is disturbed and, if the crystals were not so valuable and essential to las-weaponry, the otherwise useless crystals would be left sleeping in the earth. The Cholti miners, despite their hardiness against Trygathalon-7, do eventually fall to its effects, albeit at a much slower pace than other slaves. However, there’s always a fresh supply of Cholti available, as victorious chieftains are more than willing to part with prisoners of war for a pittance.

Cholti slave trade has become both a reliable renewable resource for income and a method of opening relationships. They may not like the house you come from, but everyone loves a Cholti slave!

Siccus V (3) – Salt mines
Siccus V is a desolate planet in the Calixis Sector. Though unsuitable (unprofitable) for terraforming, it does possess a wealth of mineral resources beneath its sandy surface and the Shilwulf Dynasty holds exclusive rights to all natural resources extracted from the planet’s expansive network of mines.

Vigil (0) – Xeno archaeology (in develpoment)
The dynasty recently secured the Xenoarchaeology rights for Vigil, but has yet to exploit them.

Unspecified (32) – Remainder of starting profit factor
The rest of the dynasty’s starting profit factor is safe*. This wealth is a combination of thousands of smaller investments that span the Calixis Sector. Even if some of the business ventures fail, more than enough make up for it.

GM Note:

Below this point is everything the players earned in-game.

Tanstar 88 (1) – Trade route – 01-02 Dinner with the Governor
When the explorers uncovered a Cold Trade on Tanstar 88, they slaughtered the bridge crew and impounded the ship that was responsible for smuggling the Xenos artefacts off the world. That ship was also responsible for transporting agricultural machinery from Omnicron 71-DX and returning with food from the agri-world. So, the explorers claimed both the ship and the trade route for themselves.

Under Construction

Below this point is under construction. I’ll be rephrasing things, adding more details, and making new pages in the weeks to come. In general, the facts won’t change, it will just be easier to read and prettier to look at. I’ll call out any major differences I introduce.

The Big Race (5) – unspecified

Karleski drugs (1) – Finder’s fee

Just because (3) – Good playing/reward

Iniquity (1) – War supply run

??? (1) – Bionics/Parts trade run to Adeptus Mechanicus

Big Guns Plans (1) – Sold to Inquisitor Moescher

Holt’s Start (0) – No value yet

Holtsylvania (0) – need to put a transport on this and module it up

Shilwulf Dynasty

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