Chapter 02 - Personal Log

Date: 255.815 M41
System: WAV-314
Present Location: Crossing the asteroid belt, exploring the system
Source: Personal journal of Lord Captain Octavius Shilwulf, Rogue Trader

We arrived in the WAV-314 system three days ago and have begun our survey. Devoid of planets, an asteroid belt seems to be the only feature of note in this otherwise empty star system. Conducting this investigation will fulfill the dynasty’s required obligation to the Imperial Navy, as stipulated in my Warrant of Trade. I have to admit, sitting on that Emperor-forsaken rock five years ago I did not expect to have made it this far.

Once we left the Invictus, we managed to limp to a port in the ship Ethan somehow managed to revitalize. Clearly gifted by the Omnissiah, I was moved to make an impassioned plea on his behalf to the judges of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Surely someone who could resurrect the machine spirit of a dead ship was worthy of a second chance? Reluctantly they agreed, releasing Libram into my custody.

It seemed only fitting to make him enginseer for the Emperor’s Hymn. After all, had it not been for him, the ship would still be sitting lifeless and forgotten. Though I rarely see the Enginseer himself, his plethora of servo skulls more than make up for his lack of physical presence. Constantly he toils in the lower depths of the ship, bringing the ship back to life a bit more with each passing day. I have likened his actions to the tender ministrations a mother might have for a sick child, patiently nursing the ship to full health.

Indeed we have discovered many things about the Hymn already, although I am sure they are but a mere fraction of the mysteries this ancient vessel has to reveal. Perhaps most obvious is the titanforge lance attached to the underside of the hull, an unexpected choice for a ship of the Hymn’s size. The ship is a raider class – very fast but with less room for cargo than a freighter. However if my days in the Imperial Navy have taught me anything, speed and firepower can get you out of more situations than a larger cargo hold.

We have taken on Thurman Devalt to replace Seneschal Ghegan who was lost to us during a mutinous attack a week after the Invictus crashed. So far Devalt’s outstanding performance as seneschal far outweighs his somewhat tainted past. Though I will miss Ghegan’s sense of humor, I feel he would have been proud of his successor’s achievements thus far.

To my surprise, Annatolla finally accepted my offer to rejoin the dynasty. Whether it was my persistence over the years or hearing about the crash that compelled her to finally accept my invitation I do not know. Quite honestly I do not care, having her by my side again has simply been rejuvenating. I’ve given her Deck 37, some basic supplies, and a small staff of her own to create a respectable medicae ward aboard the Hymn. A monumental task to be certain, but Annatolla is more than eager to tackle the challenge.

I have ordered Hob to ensure Doctor Marastraza’s safety. Despite his initial protests of ‘babysittin’, I believe he has grown to like her, even devoting the time to train her in combat. It pains me to think of her being placed in danger, but I must make peace with the fact that she is a grown woman now. She knows all too well that our line of work can be a dangerous undertaking at times. Still, I find it reassuring that someone like Hob is always looking out for her, whether or not Annatolla is aware of it.

GM Note:

This chapter isn’t based on anything that happened in game, but something was necessary to “catch the reader up” over the last five years. We came up with the idea of using a personal log and I like how it turned out. We may continue this trend with other character’s perspectives in future chapters.

Session Summary: None – Just some background info for readers.
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Chapter 02 - Personal Log

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