03-04 What Happens on Seyjal Stays on Seyjal

PF: 51
DATE: 039.817 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: Kill Karleski
REASON: You’re at war
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Lazarus, Thurman
SYNOPSIS: On the way to link up with Jonas Windorf, to meet Karleski for the final showdown. The Komarov Brotherhood requests a meeting on the neutral pleasure world of Seyjal.

From the last sessions’s acquisitions, Greuhod oversaw the installation of the Archeotech engines, Best Quality Sunseers, Best Quality Life Sustainers, and the Best Quality Genetorium – all of Best Quality no less!

There was a sad note during this massive round of upgrades. Cynthia was deemed “too far gone” by Ivan and the Navigator Guilds retrieved him in a ceremony reminiscent of a funeral. They reverently led an opaque box off the ship. Cynthia could be heard screaming gibberish and slamming into the side of the large container as it was hauled from the ship. For the first time you’re aware of, Ivan was a little bit sad during all this.

The crew was sad to leave what with all the money Holt was throwing around, but they were greatful to have the best quality air scrubbers. It took a while for the technology to completely get that ass smell out of the air, but they did the job right nicely.

Passing through the Maw and bypassing Footfall, you were headed to Ghamidi (Drug refinement/fortress) when you received a transmission from Alexandr Komarov.

Lord Captain Shilwulf,

It pains me that certain regrettable activities of one of our associates has denied me the honor of meeting another distinguished Rogue Trader such as yourself. I would be very grateful if you would allow me the chance to reconcile the grievous acts committed towards you and the property of your dynasty. Please join us on Seyjal where we can discuss the situation further. I hope to propose a deal that I think you will find mutually beneficial for us both.

- Lord Captain Alexandr Komarov

The explorers debated whether or not Komarov could be trusted since he was obviously implying that Karleski was in some “brotherhood” with him. The explorers review what they know about Seyjal, and decide that of all the spots a meeting could be, that one is pretty darn safe. It’s a pleasure world in the Koronus Expanse, and the owners of the planet take safety and secrecy very seriously.

Ivan just so happened to have a warp route to the pleasure world handy and there was a gleam of eagerness in his eyes. So the explorers make a detour off the war path and head to Seyjal. Once there, Ivan is the first off the ship and drags Victur along for the ride. “Shall we prepare your usual Mr. Warleskue?” “Hell yes! There ain’t nothing usual about my usual!” he laughs. Fade to black…

Thurman and Uric started asking a few questions, but got quite the cold shoulder here and were asked, "Please return to your ship and re-review rule #1: What happens on Seyjal stays on Seyjal.

Eventually you met with Komarov on his private pleasure island where you discussed the current situation in detail.

Todo – Include people present

You told him how this all started, and how the war was progressing. He seemed very reasonable and even seemed to side with you. He explained more about himself and how they had included Karleski in their organization out of necessity. Apparently Allario was against it from the start and was a little smug about it.

A few days ago, Komarov held a meeting with the members’ leaders recently and the decision was made to cut Karleski out of the Brotherhood. He seems less than pleased about having to go back on an alliance, but you just can’t reason with crazy and Karleski had started this war despite being told not to.

Komarov tells you he won’t be giving Karleski the military support he was requesting. However, he asks you don’t destroy certain operations and would like the Shilwulf Dynasty to oversee them. These operations include the Drug Refinement of several combat drugs along with other narcotics that they use to fund some of their other operations. They also require a portion of the mineral output from Lumons/Evenos. Other than that, you may do what you wish with the other Karleski Endeavors.

As a peace offering, he gives the explorers the bruised and beaten form of Quinn in handcuffs and the group bristles up. Erata nearly immolated him on the spot and the explorers discussed how best to punish him for his past transgressions of him giving Annatolla over to crazed cultists that nearly killed her. Anna calms the group down and says with steely determination, “Leave it to me to purify his soul. He has much to atone for and may serve the Emperor yet.” (Implying that she’s going to turn his ass into a servitor)

Once the group settles down, we return to the negotiations at hand. When you agree to his terms, Komarov gives you a mapped warp route to Ghamidi and tells you where Karleski will be on the planet’s surface. He promises not to interfere with the upcoming battle and would ask that you not mention this meeting to anyone.

As Quinn is being escorted out of the room, Anna politely excuses herself unwilling to let the man out of her sight. Hob asks Holt if he should go back with her and he agrees. They wind up leaving the party early to go back to their ship to put Quinn in high security lockdown.

With that out of the way, the group enjoys his hospitality and learns a little more about their new friends.

Alexandr Komarov is a Rogue Trader of the Komarov Dynasty. The name didn’t ring any bells for anyone at first, but Thurman rolled really well and remembered mention of his Dynasty on the other side of the Imperium. He’s an interstellar treasure hunter extraordinaire, but he’s a far way from home.

Heinrich Alario is a dedicated Xeno-archaeology expert. He smirked every time Karleski was mentioned in a negative light.

Nicholai Brevan took an interest in Greuhod, and seemed to recognize that he was a Squat. They talked at length about something that no one else really understood. Theological techno-babble about something or other.

Cornelius Pellegrim was cordial but tight-lipped so you didn’t get much more out of him. He seemed more like a soldier than anything else.

Post Mortem:

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03-04 What Happens on Seyjal Stays on Seyjal

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