03-03 The Train Job

Image Credit: Firefly - The Train Job
PF: 51
DATE: 032.817 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: Rob a train
REASON: Stealing from Karleski
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Lazarus, Thurman
SYNOPSIS: The explorers rob a train Firefly style and wind up exposing Karleski’s drug and gun smuggling operation on Scintilla.

The session started with continued planning and scheming about the heist. You wanted the drugs, the money, and Karleski’s Calixis Sector operations to wither up and die. At the tail end of the previous session, a man calling himself Thrones offered some intel in exchange for liberating some “artwork” that Karleski’s train car would be transporting. The explorers agreed and took him up on the offer.

After bouncing ideas off of one another, you settled on a plan and tackled it Firefly style hitting the GM in his weak spot. A few PC’s smuggled onto the train to be in place while others ziplined down onto the moving train during the middle of the night. Everyone slid down quite eloquently except for Annatolla when Laurie botched her roll. So like a ceramite covered comet, she fell down the zipline where Hob safely caught her.

Greuhod hooked up some knockout gas to some external vents as a backup for if things went south. Thurman killed the power to the train car’s Warp’s bane hull so Janus would have an easier time using his telepathy through the walls of the train car. After mind stunning, drugging, and knocking out a few guards, the rest of the “heist” went smoothly. Despite giving the guards a decent bonus to hear you guys clattering around on the catwalk, you managed to sneak into the central room and have Greuhod crack the electronic safe. On the safe, was a symbol you hadn’t encountered before: a circle with 5 equidistant lines dividing it (later identified as a symbol of the Komarov Brotherhood)

You asked Greuhod to create a new case for transport since you didn’t trust using the original case. Greuhod slipped the artwork into his case and you made good your escape without raising the alarm. You delivered the “artwork” back to Thrones without issue and he seemed quite pleased with the delivery. Nothing much was said by either party other than a polite affirmation of “It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”

Already having given the information to Martha O’Conner, you held your breath hopint the intel provided by Thrones was accurate… And it was! The crates Martha searched did indeed contain stolen Imperial weapons in highly shielded compartments. The captain of the Fleeting Glimpse used his teleportarium to elude the law, but that didn’t stop the Imperium from naming Karleski an enemy of the state… Bad news for him.

You Janus’d the Hymm to come pick you up and left for Port Wander where you cashed in all of your temporary profit factor for one big mega-spend giving you acquisition rolls at 98! So wandering around Prot Wander, throwing thrones at everyone, an awesome time was had by all and you heard rumors of Karleski’s “allies” pulling support.

Holt – Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers – Best Quality
Anna – Genetorium (Laboratorium) – Best Quality
Erata – Frost/flame Armour
Uric – Used for a private venture…
Greuhod – Not used (see also Anna’s Acquisition)
Thurman – Not used
Victur – Not Used

If you’re wanting a little extra gear for your characters, now’s the time to get it. With a 98 profit factor, you can get the following with no rolls.:
Very Rare – Common Quality
Extremely Rare – Poor Quality (or spend a fate point for common)
I know there was some interest in some frag grenades and that’s totally doable. I think a Heavy Bolter is also within reason.

03-03 The Train Job

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