03-02 Scintilla's Scorn

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PF: 51
DATE: 013.817 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: Stop Karleski’s smuggling operations
REASON: You’re at war
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Lazarus, Thurman
SYNOPSIS: In Progress

After a relatively quick session recap, the players were in unanimous agreement. At the next stop… more intel!

It was decided that the PC’s and the Emperor’s Hymn were going to try to head off Jonas Windorf since he was strongly suspected of having stolen The Mule (your transport for the Mortressan run). And Long Haul (Karleski’s recently liberated transport) was going to go resupply and wait out in the Kornous Expanse for further orders. The first order of business was to decide which navigator was in charge of which ship. Ivan has proven to be a little lazy, but Cynthia has been coming to work high and fouled up the Warp travel a couple of times. You decided that Ivan was the more responsible one, and chose to have him as your Navigator.

After discussing the merits and flaws in giving Windorf a second chance at length, the decision was made to try and turn him from enemy to ally. There were some PC’s that felt that his attack on the Shilwulf dynasty should not be met with charity, but others felt a little bad for the guy and the poor decisions he’s made.

Ivan guided the Hymn through the Warp to Port Wander where you waited for the Bifrost to show up. A couple of days later, you were rewarded with the Bifrost and Mule ariving in system. You sent a private communication to the Bifrost and luckily got to speak with both of his seneschals. They agreed to meet on the Hymn to discuss the potential business arrangements.

Somehow, the Good Quality Powermaul of the late Vincent Mineli wound up in the captain’s dining hall as a trophy. After a pleasant dinner, the two Seneshals Tol Ettinger (brother) and Bracha Ettinger (sister) listened to the proposal and shared some information about Ghamidi. They agreed to the exchange of ships: the Long Haul for the Mule. They also agreed to help lay seige to Ghamidi, but also mentioned that it wouldn’t be doable with just your two ships and it would need to be within 6 months before the debtors catch up. (8 months because of Thurman)

The last time they were at Ghamidi they had:
1 Karleski Frigate
4 Pirate Raiders in orbit.
4 Planetary refinement facilities each with:
1 Planetary Void Shield Array
1 Planetary Mars Macrobattery
1 Void-Platform Mars Pattern Macrobattery
1 Void-Platform Torpedo Bay

Each facility is spread far enough apart on the planet to where you wouldn’t have to deal with more than 1 set of planetary defenses at a time.

You never spoke with Windorf, but you departed on good terms with the seneshals at least. While making your way to Scintilla, you found out that Cynthia did show up at the Battleground for the ship exchange, and the trade went down without a hitch.

You met with Martha O’Connor who reluctantly met with the Rogue Trader and his retinue. Everyone split up to arrive at the prisinct house separately. Thurman and Victur never made it because Thurman wanted to get Victur the information he needed to hopefully speed up Victur’s departure. So Thurman led Victur and his staff through several areas of the ship including various command staff quarters and the Enginarium while the rest of the PC’s talked to Martha about the current situation.

The players came up with a theory (very quickly) for how Ven of the Fleeting Glimpse was smuggling stuff onto the planet. They gave Martha a quick Teleportarium 101 course and she seemed both pleased and annoyed. “Don’t tell me my father was right…I’ll never hear the end of it.” Andrew O’Connor had started an investigation of his own stirring up some trouble in Gunmetal city and got into many screaming matches with his daughter about how drugs were coming off of the train, but Martha had verified that the shipment did not contain drugs at the space port, at checkpoints through the hive, nor at the train station where it was loaded. So, they couldn’t be coming off the train.

The PC’s discovered where the Karleski’s were keeping their special train car deep in the underhive. You added a little weight to your theory through some psyniscince rolls, discovery of a warp’s bane hull, and evidence of a melee that hinted at a fight with a daemon. Urik recalled the fact that Karleski drugs seem to be slightly more in demand than other similar drugs. He sugested that maybe they got a little sprinkling of Warp flavoring for their brief journey in the warp. I mentioned that Cynthia had received more than his fair share of mutations recently and has been using Karleski stuff.

Most of the session was spent planning and planning and planning after only talking to the two O’Connor’s. The players wanted to avoid Gunmetal so as not to raise any suspicion with Karleski agents. The session was nearing an end, but we still had a couple of hours to go when Andrew O’Connor suggested they meet this guy who had contacted him a couple of weeks ago.

This guy agreed to meet with Lord Captain Holt and his retinue after being contacted. You decided to meet at a bar in the lower middle hive so you could wear heavier armour than normal. He said that he would come alone and that he would be armed. He proposed a deal where he could offer you some evidence that could shut down the Karleski smuggling operation here. In exchange you would steal some artwork that Karleski would be having transported from Gunmetal to Sibelus and then off planet to the Kornus Expanse on the Fleeting Glimpse. He asked that if you weren’t going to take him up on the job, that you stay out of whatever team he finds to do the job. Later on it was confessed that it wasn’t quite artwork, and was closer to a minor object from the Cold Trade (xenos smuggled item).

Brian had left a little early so didn’t get to meet with “Throne”. Throne was a little bit tight lipped on the details, but you got the impression that he wanted Karleski and his men to be made a fool of. Throne did mention that he would be much more forthcoming with the details of the job after you agreed to take it. Also, because of Holt’s reputation, he’d be willing to give the evidence to bust the smuggling operation before you actually stole the item.

This probably felt way more like a trap than it should because of my wanting to wrap up Scintilla in one session and me hastily throwing him at you towards the end. I’m not saying you should trust this guy 100% or anything, but I would ask that you don’t just dismiss him out of hand.

Someone suggested (Stultz I think) that he was part of the bigger syndicate that Karleski was a part of.

Post Mortem
Jon turned the question around to me this time. “Eck, what did you like about our playing and what didn’t you like?”

I try to point out stuff that I like in general with XP as you can see below. One of the things I especially liked was how into it that Stultz and Taylor got as they were bumping up the rivalry a notch. They also went off to do their own thing which will definitely cause some drama in the future.

Please note that in general I am against PVP, and if it ever comes to that, it will be handled in an OOC discussion where the goal is cool story, and not “my combat stats are better than yours”. Taylor has expressed his understanding for the type of character that he’s playing and expects that one day poor Victur may be accidentally left behind on a Space Hulk or find a bolter round in his skull. (Though he hopes that day is far in the future).

I was hoping to wrap up Scintilla in one sitting, but we spent lots of time planning the train job. I think I made the players a little gun-shy because of the fortress/trap during the previous session. Not a super big deal and I take partial responsibility.

I was slightly disappointed that you guys avoided Gun Metal, but I also understand not wanting to alert any Karleski spies to your presense. I’ll just get to save those encounters/NPC’s and re-skin them appropriately later. There are definitely several solutions to this problem and you don’t have to talk to go to Gun Metal if you don’t want to. :)

I do enjoy big huge planning sessions every so often. Makes me want to play Shadowrun. :)

Jon or Stultz pointed this out. As far as RP encounters go, it seems like the RP encounters I’m throwing at you guys there’s 1 or 2 PC’s that should be responding/talking and everyone else is like a 5th wheel. I’m not sure what to do about this. I’m not sure what would solicit RP from every PC during one encounter. Someone mentioned maybe splitting up the PC’s. if 4 PC’s are doing 1 thing and the other 4 PC’s are doing something else, that means 4 players are idle while I deal with the other 4 players. I’m not sure if this is a group size thing, a genre thing, or is it just me. I’d very much like help with this.

XP Awards
300 xp for the group

My brain is pudding from work this week. If I forgot something awesome you did, let me know. :)

12,900 xp Old Total
Get in there more Laurie!
25 xp – Post Mortem input
13,225 xp new Total

11,750 xp Old Total
25 xp – Checked your sources at a good time.
25 xp – Post Mortem input
12,100 xp New Total

11,800 xp Old Total
50 xp – At the table planning.
Do Greuhod’s voice more!
50 xp – Post Mortem input
12,200 xp New Total

12,275 xp Old Total
50 xp – Good planning and good job turning Windorf.
12,625 xp New Total

11,950 xp Old Total
100 xp – Very solid RP and lots of planning.
50 xp – Post Mortem input
12,400 xp Net Total

11,200 xp Old Total
50 xp – Good planning contribution. Talking to the machine spirit of the =
train car was cool. :)
11,550 xp New Total

11,075 xp Old Total
100 xp – Very solid RP and lots of planning
11,475 xp New Total

Post Mortem:

Next Session: 03-03 The Train Job

03-02 Scintilla's Scorn

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