03-01 Malfi's Malice

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PF: 51
DATE: 330.816 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: In Progress
REASON: In Progress
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Lazarus, Thurman
SYNOPSIS: In Progress

I never did send out the reward for session contribution last week. You’ll see that reflected in the xp below.

After the session recap, we started off with some glossed over negotiations with the Imperial Navy. You guys are trading 6 temporary profit factor for a Navy frigate escort on each of your Calixis trade routes. I was going to have an RP encounter where Holt tried to convince them, but you’ve done so much for the Navy lately (Kiling the warp beast, pirates, orks, protecting Tanstar 88, etc.) Yes, I know we said glossing over RP was an issue, but I didn’t see any reasonable complications that could have arisen.

Profit Factor: 63 (56)
-1 temp for upgrading Grenhold
-6 temp for guarding both big trade routes

Peskin volunteered for the overseeing of the repairs of the Late Knight, thinking he’d be much safer floating near the debris of the Battleground doing some techie stuff. The players laughed maniacally at Peskin’s plight when I reminded them there was a Death Cult on the Late Knight. Poor Peskin… I feel like he has a streak of Caiaphas Caine luck going for him. :)

So, off to Mortressa with the Long Haul in tow. Before sending Ivan over to steer the Long Haul, he warned the crew of Cynthia’s new found drug habbit. Cynthia got a few free acquisitions of Karleski drugs and has been making use of them. Ivan doesn’t have a problem with recreational drug use, but Cynthia came to work high a few times. The trip to Mortress took a little bit longer than expected, but you arrived without incident. There wasn’t much to investigate here, but you determined that a cruiser was here once upon a time. Deducing that the only cruiser you’ve really pissed off belonged to Jonas Windorf of the Gurbine dynasty you strongly suspected him. Much later on in the session, you confirmed this hypothesis when he was spotted at another one of your worlds with the Mule following close behind. However, the Navy frigate was enough of a deterant to prevent him from assaulting your other ship, The Spiteful Lover.

Profit Factor: 63 (47)
-9 temp for Mortressan trade route interruption.

After loading the hold up with about 200 Mortressans equipped with Lasguns, Flak-vests, and Chain-swords, you made your way to Malfi. You sent the codes ahead and met with the corrupt and inept customs official. You executed your trojan horse plan, but met with much more resistance than anticipated and were forced to execute your plan a little sooner than you liked. The enemy was equipped with Hellguns, Light Carapace, and had some heavy ordinance. The fight was going poorly, the Shilwulf reenforcements were intercepted, and the Shilwulf red-shirts were taking heavy casualties. Out gunned, out nummbered, and no path for retreat, the players spent the Party Fate Point.

Spending the party fate point ultimately meant admitting defeat here, and it took the wind out of the players’ sails. We took 30-40 minutes to reflect on the matter and talk about some OOC stuff as kind of a pallete cleanser, and then the players climbed back on the horse.
– Karleski is on par with a PF 50 Rogue Trader.
– This was a 5 PF Karleski endeavor (10% of his holdings) and he protected it heavily
– Call in outside support when you can.
– Gather intel where possible.

So, when things looked their bleakest, the party fate point was spent, and everything started going perfectly. Three different suicidal actions happened to work out. Urik pushed the semi-trailer over on it’s side and bulldozed his way up to the front lines. As the “cover” was disentigrating around the Rhino APC (newly named Holt’s Hammer), he backed up and plowed through the burning wreckage. The servitors came around the corner laying suppresive fire while Anna, Hob, and Erata somehow managed to hold on to the Rhino. Erata charged at the missile launcher her Eldar force shield absorbing the blast. She spewed fire every which direction. Hob and Anna charged a big cluster of hell guns leaping from the now on fire Rhino and Victur turned the other missle launcher owner into paste with the storm bolter. Wineke somehow caught wind of this and freed the Shilwulf reenforcements before attempting to join the fight, and Greuhod had managed to somehow find the communications grid that helped to control the fortified gates that were closed. The PC’s knew they should be dead or captured, so everyone but Erata walked out a little bit wiser. The red-shirts gave their lives, and the servitors suffered quite a bit of damage.

You met with Adriana Winecke after the fight thanking her for her part in the impromptu plan. She shared the intel that she had about the Malfi-mansion situation. Any Karleski family member had been pulled out in preparation for the war, and Vincent Minneli was put in place to oversee operations. He was the guy that stole your silver, had his ship destroyed, and tortured Roland to death. Plans to assault the Karleski estate were begining to be discussed when Taylor offered up the idea, “Instead of storming the castle, let’s get him to come out.” A few options were discussed, but you came up with a plan to lure him onto the Long Haul with Holt’s “capture”. With the possibility of a new ship to command and Holt to torture to death, he swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker. “Holy Emperor. It must be my birthday. Tie a pretty bow in his hair, and keep him alive!” He appeared with a token force, not even wearing armour. Victur procured a pretty pink bow and tied it into Holt’s hair before the fight.

After realizing that he had fallen into a Holt-trap again, he was furious claiming that, “I might not make it out alive, but I’m taking you with me Shilwulf!” (He was incorrect). A couple of battle highlights:
– Hob took a hit that did 11 damage and 28 damage, but still lived.
– Erata had been laughing at the lack of machine spirits, and her force shield failed to protect her. :)
– Holt fought the battle with a pretty pink bow in his hair
– Holt got the killing shot with his plasma pistol converting Minneli to char and cooked his ammo off.

And that’s where we called it.

300 xp for the group

75xp – Session plan
12,900 xp Total

50xp – Session plan
25xp – Bought some new figs for the game. Possibly a Holt, Erata, and Janus fig.
11,750 xp Total

100xp – Session plan – On re-review of session planning I see he mentioned exactly what we needed. I’m sorry it fell through the cracks.
11,800 xp Total

75xp – Session plan
25xp – Good rp
12,275 xp Total

50xp – Session plan
11,950 xp Total

75xp – Session plan
50xp – Good rp with the tank, and I think he was having the same idea as Taylor. Taylor was a split second quicker on the draw.
11,200 xp Total

0xp – Session plan
25xp – Brought a painted mini
50xp – More good ideas from Taylor. Instead of going into the mansion, let’s lure him out! :) And the bow was awesome. :)
11,075 xp Total

Post Mortem:

Next Session: 03-02 Scintilla’s Scorn

03-01 Malfi's Malice

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