03-00 Let Slip the Dogs of War

Image Credit: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Hellhound_Physiology
PF: 51
DATE: 291.816 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: Go to war with Karleski
REASON: He tortured and killed Roland
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Lazarus, Thurman
SYNOPSIS: In Progress

First of all, running the session without Laurie helping me stay organized is just simply no good. I didn’t have much prep time before the game, and I didn’t have Laurie keeping me on task during that small amount of prep time. I believe it was painfully obvious this game, even though the session went relatively well. There were several times when I was away from the table, looking for notes. There was quite a bit of off-topic conversation going on, but I think most of that was my fault. We didn’t get quite as far as I’d like, but I was pretty happy with the session.

We started out the session catching everyone up on what was going on. Deciding what to do deffensively, and realizing that the Karleskis have been preparing for the war for nearly a year now.
Octavius Shilwulf – The Retirement Plan
He was at Footfall, and is currently heading out to start the trade run for the Adeptus Mechanicus parts.

Eisen Shilwulf – Shilwulf’s Bounty
He was making progress doing some Xeno Archaeology at Vigil. You guys pulled him out and sent him off to lay-low.

Elrica Vosh – The Emperor’s Endeavor
Taking another load of modules/colonists down to Grenhold (Holtsylvania)

Gregori Kelganov (Old Iron Lung) – The Spiteful Lover
Still working Calixis trade circuit – Cholti, to Agatha Prime, Siccus V, Omnicron 71-DX

Jeremy Calloway – The Mule
Still working Calixis trade circuit – Mortressa, Omnicron 71-DX, and Tranch

I had forgotten that the Retirement Plan still had its cargoholds jam-packed full of ship components, so he’ll have to drop that off somewhere first. I’m thinking he’d have dropped that off at Port Wander, but someone tell me if there’s an issue with that. He can also go through the Battleground and complete the warp route from the Battleground to Port Wander for you.

Anna → Banked 1
Erata → Best Quality Neural Whip → Yes
Greuhod → Best Quality Power Fist → Yes
Holt → Banked 1
Thurman → Best Quality Solo Bolt Gun → Yes
Uric → Banked 1
Victur → 30 Best Quality Red Dot Laser Sights → Yes
If you’d like Octavius to finish up the acquisitions at Port Wander for you, he can. Just let me know.

Randall left for fear of his house filling up with water.

The party tracked down Andrew O’Connor, the dock foreman/ex-captain that was burned by the Karleskis many years ago. Thurman snuck over to him with seven degrees of success. He provided the party with several bits of information. The Long Haul makes the same trade circuit from Ghamidi (Drug refinement) → Footfall → Battleground → Port Wander → Malfi and back again. I felt that I flubbed on this RP encounter. :P

The party was excited that they’d be able to hit them at the Battleground laughing that this guy always used the same station of passage. Ha, ha, ha, what a noob. Now we can ambush him! Let’s all head back to Port Wander using the same station of passage we always do, upgrade our ship, and…. wait a minute… I bet the Karleskis are going to ambush us at The Temple. I’m happy you guys picked up on this, especially since you had sent your other two ships off. That would have gone poorly.

So, a slight change of plans… Instead of heading back to Port Wander, they started mapping the warp route out to the Battleground to lay in wait and ambush the Long Haul. In the area, there were a couple of transports harvesting the edges of the cloud of space hulks. The party contacted them and convinced them to help in a ruse to ambush the Karleskis. One of the transports would attack the other and it would send out a distress signal…

Eric left because he was on call, but nobody told him.

Before the plan could be enacted, Ivan noticed another warp trail come in nearby. On silent running, the party tried to locate the ship. After a few failures, they managed to track the ship down, and got a free round of fire. They crit with their Sunsear macrobatteries, crit with their lance, and did a hit and run that scored 16 degrees of success. It was funny that the ship weapons did 14 damage and the hit and run did 16 damage. Greuhod, Hob, Anna, and Michael(Battle serv) were all in power armour accompanied by Anna’s good quality servitors. Ripping out the guts of the ship causing mass histeria. Greuhod had an idea to tap into the ship comms for some misinformation, Anna succeeded in convincing them that Ultramarines were here to bring them to justice.

The pirate surrendered quite readily, and coughed up some information about the Karleskis. They escort the Karleskis through the Battleground System and were paid with drugs, torpedos, and thrones. Anyone that was loyal to the Karleskis was purged, and the command staff of the Late Knight was put into the brig with the promise of being dropped off at Malfi. You also were able to get the coordinates for Ghimidi (Drug refinement), but were again warned of how heavily fortified it was.

With the Late Knight’s cooperation along with two independent transports, and the firepower of the Hymn, I didn’t see any other outcome but successfully capturing the Long Haul. By this time, we were down to three players as real life interfered with the gaming goodness. It was getting late so I glossed over the rp encounter here too. The captain was youngish and trying to prove himself. He was overly cocky and a little whiney for having just lost. In a fair fight, he assured you that he would have defeated the Hymn.

After pulling all the information from him that you could, and finding out a list of the Karleski loyalists, you invited them into the cargobay for free ice cream. The captain was a little too loyal for Janus’s liking so he went out the air lock too. The navigator of the Long Haul gave you coordinates for Habumun (Drug production), and a Warp Route to Ghamidi (Drug refinement). He politefully requests to be dropped off at Port Wander or Footfall as this war stuff is nasty business.

Jon left to help Lindsay run some errands.

Taylor had the idea for getting the Late Knight repaired by the space hulk pickers here in the Battleground. It will take a couple of months, but they have the necessary gear to repair it. Peskin should stay behind to oversee the repairs, and the Hymn’s command staff took a hit to keep it crewed.

And that’s where we called it.

We had a very good Post Mortem session. Nearly every time I ask the group what they liked and what they didn’t like, I get the following. “It was a good session. I had fun.” Although it is nice to hear, that does not help me become a better DM. This time, I got the same thing at first, but after pressing for more, I got some good feedback. I made sure to mention the lack of organization and prep work. I also mentioned the increased amount of out of character chatter, but blamed myself for that too.

There’s quite a bit of interrupting going on at the table. I plan to start calling people on it when I see it happen, and I want you guys to call me on it if I do it. I was not in an RP mindset this time around and the RP encounters seemed like they were one level too high. During a couple of the scenes, I was speeding them along too fast and described an NPC’s personality instead of acting out his personality.

By one level too high I mean this. Similar to the way hit and runs are abstracted away to a few die rolls, I was doing that with the RP encounters this time around. Normally I think I do a slightly better job, but I think I still have room for improvement there.

Taylor mentioned the lack of player interaction at the table, and I agree. The majority of interaction that happens is during the plotting/puzzle solving portion so prevelant in my games. Other than that, there isn’t much going on RP wise between PCs. Brian mentioned there was a game where you were part of a Victorian monster hunter society with wealthy investers. In addition to going out and adventuring, you had to throw high society parties for your investesters lest they pull their financial backing. Taylor mentioned the game FATE and it’s character “Aspect” system.

I plan to work with Brian and Taylor to get a little more information and work out some examples.

300 xp for the group.
12,525 xp Total
11,375 xp Total
25xp – Renaming Holtsylvania – Grenhold.
25xp – Idea to use the Late Knight to capture the Long Haul.
11,400 xp Total
25 xp – Good game post mortem
11,875 xp Total
25 xp – Good game post mortem
11,600 xp Total
10,775 xp Total
50 xp – Had some very good ideas this session. Tried to use some Administratum red tape to slow down the Karleskis, and got the Battleground harvesters to help out with repairs.
25 xp – Good game post mortem
10,700 xp Total

Post Mortem:

Next Session: 03-01 Malfi’s Malice

03-00 Let Slip the Dogs of War

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