02-05 Plants Versus Colonists

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PF: 51
DATE: 246.816 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: Repair the Hymn
REASON: She’s still busted.
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Lazarus, Thurman
SYNOPSIS: While repairing the Emperor’s Hymn, the dynasty is invited to take part in a high-stakes race in two months. They scramble to put together a small ship worthy of the race.

We got started just a bit late, then we had about 2 hours of logistics to deal with. I’d like to apologize for my part in that. Work has allowed very little in the way of free time for me and I barely had enough time to conduct all the phone Inquisitor interviews.
1. New character integration
– Randall – Playing Uric Heizenfaust, a capital ship helsman that was delivered in shackles.
– Fucking ecstatic to not be in a 40k prison and to be working for a Rogue Trader
– Toured the ship placing his hand on various bulkheads/machinery to introduce himself to the ship.
– Likable guy, trying to help out.
– Native to Footfall and hung out in Koronus Expanse. Has some useful knowledge skills.
– Not too shabby with a gun.

- Eric – Softened up Erata a bit rather than changing characters. - Erata, but nicer and not quite as psycho. - Taylor – Playing Victur Trantor – A monitor for Inquisitor Catherine Moescher - The Inquisitor said that everything seemed to check out. Some obvious heresies were happening, but nothing that would get you burned. (by her) Despite everything checking out, she wanted to keep an eye on things. - Probably won’t get along with Greuhod for his obviously heretical beliefs of technology. - Will also be keeping an eye on Erata. - Possibly a friendly rivalry with Thurman. - Brings some knowledge skills, and can call on Inquisitorial assets to help out. (Don’t abuse please) - Scott – Zell/Zael? – Prisoner Greuhod rescued from Holt’s Start - She doesn’t like being touched and has broken a finger or two while the crew learned this. - On away missions, probably hangs out with Greuhod and acts as his body guard. - Slightly obsessive compulsive and a clean freak. (In 40k, the poor soul) - Good in ranged combat with some tracking/survival skills.

2. Homework voting in – It wound up in several ties so it was ultimately decided by dicing for it. (See attached doc for more details)
1. Randall 2 – Arms and troops supply lines to the Hornbeck dynasty. A lesser (and struggling) house who is trying to take back a high-yield mining operation from cultists.
2. Stultz – Parts run for the Adeptus Mechanicus delivering cybernetics bits to them.
– Stultz sold his idea better at the table than texting a reply through his phone. The main selling point was that it would cause Jon some consternation for having to deal with the Adeptus Mechanicus.
3. Ship components and wishlists
– Discussed outfitting “Eric’s” Emperor’s Endeavor captained by Elrica Vosh.
– Definitely needs weapons before it does its own thing.
– Empyrean Mantle would be nice
– Upgrades for the Emperor’s Hymn
– Good Quality Voidsmen Quarters – Acquired!
– Best Quality Crew Improvements – Acquired!
– Best Quality Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers – Not acquired :(
4. Acquisitions
– Eric/Erata – Best Quality Interkeratic implants (biological version)
– Brian/Holt
– Best Quality Crew Improvements – +5 to Crew Rating
– Good Quality Voidsmen Quarters – (Takes up same space and power)
– Randall/Uric – Best Quality Vitae Supplacement page 141 of Into the Storm
– Scott/Zell – Best Quality Solo Bolt Gun Page 112 Into the Storm
– Anna – Failed to Acquire Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers
– Stultz – Best Quality MIU (Can’t remember success or failure here)
– Jon – Was not here so has an Acquisition at 73 Profit factor
5. Session Synopsis – Skipped since it was past 2:00 already. :)
6. Inquisitor Post Mortem
– I didn’t get a chance to ask how this went, but I enjoyed it. Only a few people threw others under the bus, but it didn’t result in any burnings. I enjoyed myself at least.
– Introduced the Monitor who would make sure you guys are on the mostly straight and mostly narrow
– Victur pulled some strings and flashed an I work for the Inquisition badge, and the Hymn got moved to the front of the line for repairs and refits.
– Gave a dataslate to Thurman/Stultz
– Worked with Greuhod to get a copy of the BFG 9,000K from Greuhod. Holt suspects Greuhod spilled the beans. Greuhod thought Holt or Peskin spilled the beans. Everyone claims innocence.
7. Off to Potential Colony World

Then it was off to the Orange Star to survey it for a potential farming colony in the Foundling Worlds. It was decided that the Emperor’s Endeavor would carry the colonist modules out to the colony world even though the ship didn’t have guns yet. The Hymn would act as escort and provide protection during the voyage.
The system includes two dwarf planetoids, a terrestrial planet that looked like it could support life, a gas giant, and a large asteroid belt.
In the asteroid belt, one of the larger asteroids had a mineral harvesting facility with several void hab modules. You investigated this more closely and deduced it was the remains of a failed mining endeavor of the Veracin dynasty. The more expensive mining modules were extracted, and all of the ore containers were empty. A few dead miners in void suits were located in the remaining hab modules.
Continuing on, once you made it to the gas giant, the auspex crewmen reported seeing the echo of a ship, but were unable to get it back on the auspex. He also reported that the same thing had happened in the mining belt a few days ago, but he just thought it was these new sensors. some investigations and deeper scans provided no additional information. It was speculated that it could be an Eldar or some other xenos ship. Onward to colony world.
With excellent scanning/surveying it was determined that this world was a very good fit for human inhabitation. Three abandonned cities dotted the landscape all dead to the auspex.
– A – Main city with the most modules still in tact, a farming town (estimated population ~12,000
– B – Mineral processing facility estimated population ~ 2,000
– C – Second agricultural town, barely noticed by Uric. Most of the modules were removed in an orderly fashion. Pop ~4,000
The players landed at city A themselves and proceeded to investigate the abandonned town. Tattered festival banners fluttered in the breeze, wooden carts were flipped over, the streets were littered with skeletons, though most near the spaceport were pushed out of the street.
The mystery was being unravelled by investigating the scene and also by Greuhod analyzing dataslates and dead servo skulls by interfacing with them directly. (See attached timeline and room descriptions)
After investigating the astropathic module on the edge of town, a young man starts screaming and sprinting for his life towards the group being pursued by humanoids that were sporadically moving through time-space oddly.
Only Zell took superficial damage from these “Shifters”. It was determined that they were colonists and not seeming to use any technology to jump around, but rather some psychic technique that allowed them to move so strangely. -20 to be hit, +20 to hit you.
Greuhod and Anna worked together to autopsy the bodies back on the ship, and analyze the grain. In the main shaft of the grain was a strange “organ” that resembled neurons. When dieing or stimulated with a small amount of current, it sent out psychic waves that were unpleasant. The party started talking about ways to get rid of that grain, one of them being lancing the fields from space.
98% sure there was an Eldar ship out there, Holt composed a message with help from Uric. I forget the specific message, but it basically said, “Hey, we think you’re out there. We’re about to mess with that grain which was the cause of this colonies destruction. Before we do anything stupid, we’d love to hear what you have to say first.”
So the Eldar turn off their holo-field and respond with a backhanded compliment. After a condescending conversation, they suggested that you excavate the grain and dispose of it off planet somehow. They stated that the Stryxis were responsible for this xeno strain of grain. The conversation went on for a little bit longer, and the party started suggesting a different plan than the Eldar’s advice. The eldar interrupted them and restated the Eldar’s original plan but in a slower more enunciated fashion. Holt started to say, “Alright, we get it” and was saying something else when the Eldar hung up on them and reengaged their holo-fields. Damn elves.
Clearing out the underground tunnels of the “Shifters” was a command test. The main teams were equipped with shotguns and flamers to reduce the shifter’s ability to dodge. An excellent command test by Holt meant the town was cleared out with minimal losses. I was planning on a few combats, but I didn’t want this colony world taking up more than one session. Laurie said, “Are we farmers or Rogue Traders!?!?”
The grain excavation was taking much longer than Victur/Taylor wanted to spend, so he spent a fate point to adjust the scene a bit. He proposed an idea where we could engineer a chemical that would speed up the process by numbing the plants some how. Anna and Greuhod got to work on messing with some bio-chemistry, and after testing their solution on rats and then Janus, everything seemed to check out speeding up the process by two weeks.
On the tail end of wrapping up on the colony world, Octavius returned to this system after having extracted the modules from Liam’s old ship. A private message was delivered to Holt, and public commuinques were shared as follows.
– Found a piece of a Navigator treasure map. Several variations exist on the old voidfarers tale, but the basics is this. Three navigators figured out the course of some unmanned treasure ship, none of them trusted the others enough so each held a piece for themselves and they never actually went after the treasure ship, so it’s still out there for any who can locate (and decipher) the notes.
– A warproute that Liam was using from some unnamed system to Basloch (where he was dropping off the prisoners)
– The Arendir dynasty is now at “friendly/trusting” status with us.
So, the three of you (Holt – Emperor’s Hymn, Octavius – The Retirement Plan, and Elrica Vosh – Emperor’s Endeavor) left Holtylvania (need a new name) for Footfall. Upon arriving in footfall, a dataslate was delivered to Holt which had demands from the Karleskis. Apparently Quinn reported great success in killing your missionary (Anna), and the psychopath head-Karleski demands 5 profit factor for pain and suffering or else he’s going to start hitting your holdings. There was also a pict-cast of Roland Shilwulf being brutally tortured and ultimately killed.
The rest of the session was deciding exactly what to do. Uric played the voice of temptation while Victur was the voice of ‘you don’t want to get involved in the drug trade’. Randall picked up all the golden throne fate points and started fanning himself with them and had little conversations with them about how he wanted so bad to introduce them to Captain Holt. Pretty damn funny stuff.
The current plan (after about an hour and a half of plotting)
– Get a lay of the political landscape for the Karleskis and competitors
– Meet with 2-3 competitors and get them to put a little pressure on the Karleskis
– Start hitting up the Karleskis (Shipping, production, refinement)
– Anna asked for Quinn to be delivered alive to her. Holt said “We’ll see. There’s a special place in my heart for mutineers.”
– Head Karleski has a destiny of being Holt’s personal servitor.
Noone has mentioned defense of Dynasty holdings yet, but Octavius would bring that up. It was decided that Port Wander would be a better place to install the ship components since the Karleskis have an “office” on Footfall.
The party had left some money and personel at footfall to acquire a ship weapon for the Endeavor. Currently, it looks like the Hymn is getting a best quality Sunsear Laser battery, and the Endeavor will get the Hymn’s common quality Sunsears.
Session XP: 300 standard
25 xp – The new Rogue Trader gaming board looks awesome.
12,150 xp Total
25 xp – A little bit quiet this session, but you suggested we use some of the existing hab modules for the prisoners. Threw the other PC’s off guard.
11,050 xp Total
Jon/Greuhod: I used you quite a bit in the session. Full xp.
11,050 xp Total
25 xp – I really liked your message to the Eldar. I wish I could remember the exact wording.
11,500 xp Total
50 xp – Homework acceptance
11,230 xp Total
50 xp – Homework acceptance
25 xp – The voice of temptation was pretty damn hilarious and I could see Brian/Holt being corrupted. LOVE IT! :)
10,375 xp Total
25 xp – I liked the use of the scene altering plot point. I still made the Trade (Chymist) roll, but the scene altering aspect made this a viable time saving solution.
I think this concept is jiving much better.
10,325 xp Total
25 xp – A little bit quiet, but starting to come out of your shell.
10,925 xp Total

You’ll also be getting an acquisition in Port Wander at a base Profit Factor of 62.
Current Profit factor 62.
+1 (permanent) PF for selling a copy of the big gun blueprints
-1 (temporary) PF for leaving some money to try and buy a weapon for the Emperor’s Endeavor.

Kaylee “helped” me with this synopsis for about 10 minutes. She said the following:
Daddy is working with Kaylee. Kaylee is exploring the computer. The protection protects the Emperor.

Post Mortem:

Next Session: 03-00 Let Slip the Dogs of War

02-05 Plants Versus Colonists

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