02-04 The Forgotten - Remembered!

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PF: 51
DATE: 190.816 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: Repair the Hymn
REASON: She’s still busted.
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Lazarus, Thurman
SYNOPSIS: While repairing the Emperor’s Hymn, the dynasty is invited to take part in a high-stakes race in two months. They scramble to put together a small ship worthy of the race.

1. Dicussion of Erata and her extra-curricular activities.
– No, 1 Corruption Point for taunting the little girl was not too harsh. Other players thought I may have been too leniant.
– Nope, Erata doesn’t come down here and burn random crew members.
– She has walked in some semi-dangerous spots and burned crew members in self-defense.

2. Session/XP Maintenance
– Did a quick post mortem of the previous session.
– Awarded official Homework XP’s.
– Keep an eye out for future assignments! Thanks to all who contributed. :)

3. Thurman catches a mutant
(scene skipped since Thurman linked back up with the group)

4. Dax-n-Jax at the Font of Sustenance.
Dax was very helpful. He demanded his stuff for the info, Holt had trouble convincing him and tied Dax with his command test. They gave Dax half his stuff for the information, and then gave him the rest of his stuff.
– Killed the gang hassling the family at the “Font of Sustenance” which was in fact a pipe dripping nutritious? slime.
– 2 las pistols
– A flak vest
– Some ration bars

The information he provided was not the whereabouts of Anna, but rather a bar where further information could be gained, the Angry Grox. You’d first have to go through the Fungal Farms which is run by an elderly couple and leads further down the decks to deck 5.

After the information was provided, Greuhod sent a servo skull down to tail Dax and saw a two headed mutant. One male, one female. He/she had trouble putting on the flak vest but worked something out. Muttering to himself about now being king of the mutants, he stalked off to inform others, the female seemed a little worried. He linked up with another mutant with tentacles for a left hand and fleshy barnacles on his shoulder. Then made his way to the Angry Grox where he was yelled at by the bartender who was huge with wolf-like features.

5. Fungal Farms
An older couple managed an abandonned ammo depot-turned farmland. A muggy/foggy environment with multi-coloured and various shapes of fungus. A staunch supporter of the dynasty, Samuel called out for his wife to put on some tea since the captain was visiting. “Oh sure dearie. Shall I use the fine china, bake a cake, and roll out the red carpet too?” The old couple bickered quite a bit with one another but between biting comments to one another you got the impression that they were happy with their lot in life. Amelia gave Holt one of those foul fetish pouches saying that she didn’t want “Old Man Shilwulf” to get him. She sent the PC’s on their merry way with a fungus-care package. The PC’s dropped their care package and stanky fetish at the first polite chance.

6. The Angry Grox – A twist bar
Run by Lofwyr, a 7’ tall not quite wolf-man. Yelled at the PC’s asking, “What took so long? The cultists have already moved Anna!” (seems like Dax wasn’t operating with the instructions he was given)

There was also a large mutant that had slab like muscles and a sheen to her green skin. Her lips were completely gone, but she managed to keep her feminine voice. She was extremely appologetic to Greuhod for stealing his servo-skulls, but it was out of necessity for dealing with the techy-bitches working for Baron Crowley and to keep an eye on the humongoid rats that stalked the underbelly of the ship.

One of the mutants hit on Erata with the line, “You know what they say about going twist right? … Once you’ve gone twist. ….. You’ll wish you hadn’t” It didn’t seem to work.

Along the way, the psykers felt some disturbances in the force, but it went away. There was speculation that this was the ritual taking place, and it was correct.

7. Sentries.
There was a (suspected) catatonic man that was standing guard along with a little flesh puddle that was moaning. BANG! BANG! sentries killed. Erata set the flesh puddle on fire. Either the gunshots or psychic power use alerted the cultists to the PC’s presence. They taunted through the loud speaker (because I knew if the door was open, the PC’s would have put a bolt round into his skull).

“You’re too late! The blood of your priest will serve as a beacon to It of Many Voices!”

8. Go time with the cultists!
During the fight, the psykers on the enemy side triggered perils of the warp, but none of them were the “good ones”. They wound up wounding themselves, knocking themselves unconsious, and stunning most of their side. The only thing the badguys accomplished was setting Cynthia on fire after he did his AoE death touch.

Cynthia was severely wounded at -4 but Erata used her Pyrokenesis to put him out.

One of the cultists stared catatonic at the wall for the entire fight. Erata set him on fire, and he just stood there. As he was being consumed by fire, this put the players on edge, and Stultz wanted to hook Eric’s kill. So, he shot the poor bastard as he passed.

After the fight, Erata interrogated the last cultist who provided the information that Anna was already fed to the Ancient. He screamed out that “They are coming!” as Erata burned him to death. The name of the cult was Wrath of the Forgotten.

9. Meet the Ancient
The one guy who had sprinted for his life through the bulkhead met with an untimely demise as he ran across the Ancient. The breaking of bone, tearing of flesh, and screams of pain filled the halls. The light seemed to be dampened in this area of the ship, and soon the source was identified. Two humongously clawed hands and muscled arms set Anna down in an intersection. The thing’s massive head was circled by a rusty band of metal. His flesh was bulging around it and rusted metal screws seemed to run through the ring into its skull.

The Ancient spoke with a deep disembodied voice saying "Here is your missionary. She is gravely wounded and requires medical attention. Do not mistake me for an enemy. I have no demands as much of your crew has had of you, only a request. My wards and I simply wish to exist.

Thurman stayed behind a bit to speak with the Ancient for dealmaking and Q&A.

What is your name?
Time has long forgotten my name. I am known as The Ancient, The Beast that wanders Deck 5, and Old Man Shilwulf. The last one, though quite humerous is not true.

What do you eat?

Want us to drop you and your mutants off somewhere?
Some mutants may wish to leave. I would stay. This is my home.

Then Greuhod asks, “Can I have a small sample of skin or maybe a toe-nail or something? I’d like to analyze it. Nothing too inva….” RIP TEAR and the Ancient tore a slab of meat from itself and tossed it out into the intersection.

Thurman with a look of horror stared at it.

Greuhod requests through the safety of a servoskull, “Thurman, be a dear and retrieve that for me…”

Thurman continues to stare in horror for a minute, then picks it up and carries it back to the group at arm’s length.

10. Returning to the medicae ward.
With wounded in tow, you didn’t put a bullet into everyone that you wished you could have on the way back out of the bowels of the ship. Once in the medicae ward, Greuhod had a battle of wills with Eva and won out. He helped oversee the treatment Anna and Cynthia. They’ll be awake but not really walking around until a couple of weeks after leaving Footfall.

11. The Forgotten…. REMEMBERED!
Ivan got on the ship’s intercom when he saw the warp beast. Emperor’s Bowels! You should see the size of this thing! Make peace with the Emperor boys, cause that thing is PISSED! a short pause If I wasn’t clear, all hands to battle stations and get ready for some hell! (morale started dipping)

The warpbeast won initiative, we couldn’t get a good scan on it in the Warp. It moved closed and let out a couple of shots. One with a mars pattern macro-cannon, and the other shot was a lance. Both hit, and it knocked the Hymn down to 10 Hull Integrity due to some very high damage rolls on my part. 10, 8, 10 (+ whatever came with the gun).

After firing a parting shot, the Hymn dropped out of warp and went to silent running. The warp beast translated into the real world as well and began searching for them. Then the players decided to use the nuke!!!! They slapped it to one of their small attack craft and sent the servitor on a suicide mission. One turn after launching the fighter, the beast was able to locate the Hymn and started coming straight for them.

The PC’s scanned it one last time and made the roll quite well. The warp beast was a spherical mass of tentacles with a 1.5 km diameter. It was stradeling two ships (half a transport, and a frigate) and basically dual-wielding them. Someone made the statement Cruiser-Chucks! :)

At this point, I was starting to run out of steam and didn’t even think to describe the destruction of the beast. After crunching some numbers, I said something like, “Yeah, 70 points of overkill for the more armoured frigate, I’d say the thing is toast.” Later in a chat, Jon said:

It was all Star Trek: Wrath of Khan in my head. Trying to race away fromt he blast radius, the maw of the beast gapping open to consume us… then a pinprick of light that becomes a sphere of destruction; atomizing the beast and saving our bacon. We brace for impact from the shockwave. The ship shudders. The electronics onboard go apeshit, then flicker into darkness.

The rest of it from there would be us scrambling to get the ship back up as we try to assess the damage and get the hell out of there.

Good stuff.
The warp beast actually started out as gunnery crew aboard the Emperor’s Hymn (during the prologue). The Hymn’s top got opened up by a xeno Plasma-Scythe mine right before you translated into the Warp. Thousands of guys got sucked out into space, and then, translated into the Warp but without the protection of a ship or geller field. I’ve been wanting these “forgotten” souls to come back for vengeance for a loooooong time. :)

After finally arriving in Footfall. Everyone safe. I took Stultz’s suggestion and had an Inquisitor pay you guys a visit. Thanks for the idea Stultz! :) Private interviews will begin shortly.

On a side note, I for sure thought the party fate/plot point would get used before the nuke, but from a tactical advantage standpoint, you could only use a nuke to blow something up whereas a party fate/plot point could apply to all manner of situations. :)

Session XP:
300 for everyone.

+30 xp – I was going to give you 25 xp for the Inquisitor idea, but Laurie talked me up to 30. :)
10,880 – total xp
+2 Insanity Points – Gained from enemy Perils of the Warp

+25 xp – I thought 30 pieces of xp was very funny. :)

+25 xp – Thanks for the cinematic description of the nuke that I ripped off. :)

+4 Insanity Points – Gained from enemy Perils of the Warp



+2 Insanity Points – Gained from enemy Perils of the Warp

Zel/Scott (no character sheet for her yet)
10,600 <→

Post Mortem:

Next Session: 02-05 Plants Versus Colonists

02-04 The Forgotten - Remembered!

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