02-01 Exploring the Thrice Damned Iceball

PF: 51
DATE: 100.816 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: Repair the Hymn
REASON: In Progress
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Thurman, Uric
SYNOPSIS: In Progress

We picked back up in the Medbay. Greuhod had an idea to start putting the swarm of servo skulls on the PC’s side, which was basically a little computer virus that made the servo skulls recognize the party as “Friend” and added Greuhod to the controller list. This took a bit of time but Peskin’s assistance helped speed it along. While the virus was being written, a murder servitor showed up dragging two screaming prisoners that were attached to a grappling-hook like javelin. The party setup to ambush the servitor. When the servitor entered the Medbay/Reclamatorium it ignored the party and was about to sever the head of one of the prisoners as step 1 of servo-skull creation, but the party had none of that and put the thing down after a few rounds of combat.

Combat Highlights:
a.. It survived a melta pistol shot.
b.. Hob got hit in the back from a bolt shell from Scott’s new character Zell. Shooting into melee is fun!
c.. Thurman narrowly avoided being webbed into a servitor bay.

The murder servitor was armed with:
a.. Two mono swords
b.. Two mono javelin/grapple hooks attached to lines
c.. A custom mechadendrite that could cycle between an autogun, a web gun, and a bola launcher.

Anna treated the two prisoners while the next course of action was discussed. The time it would take for the servo skulls to propagate the virus would be close to a day. Not content to sit and wait for all that intel, Captain Holt ordered the team forward. Crossing the huge bridge between the Research facility and the Medbay, the party was beset by 4 more of the murder servitors.

Combat Highlights:
a.. The party was on the receiving end of suppressive fire and most failed the first roll, but most succeeded the second roll thanks to Captain Holt’s reroll
b.. Hob got bola’ed then stabinated a few times while he was helpless by a crank murder servitor. Took a decent amount of damage, but the power armour protected him
c.. My murder servitors missed like crazy. >.<
d.. Anna refused Captain Holt’s +10 bonus twice
e.. Janus got a Psychic Phenomenon and thanks to his special astropath ability it was only a thin layer of frost instead of Perils of the Warp
f.. Janus succeeded in Inspiring the rest of the PC’s to become unpinned
g.. Thurman took a javelin through the chest and the end expanded out into a four pronged hook. He kept his feet but was in danger of being drug off next round. Eratta used her Flaming sword to cut the line freeing Thurman
h.. Eratta used her wall of flame to set two of them on fire
i.. Zell’s gun jammed but Greuhod unjammed it with a technical knock
j.. Thurman went through quite a few rounds of his Melta-pistol
Onward to the forbidden areas of the facility. The party sent some servo scouts on ahead to see if an alarm would be triggered when the yellow line was crossed. It went down the tunnel and into a massive cylindrical chamber which was 2km across and 7km tall with a gun bigger than an Imperial battleship suspended in the middle. The party, after much talking and cautious planning, decided to move forward. Shortly after entering the chamber the party discovered there was no gravity. A sleek black servo skull approached screeching some scrambled binary at the group and using high gothic to berate Senior Tech Acolyte Greuhod for neglecting his duties and not overseeing Tech Acolyte Peskin’s work. With some technobabble and quick lies Greuhod made up some BS about the party being Imperium functionaries here to inspect the facilitites.

That was about the time the Emperror’s Hymn reported a cruiser bearing allegiance to the Ruinous Powers showed up named the Wretched Blessing. A demonstation of the facility’s weapon was surely in order! Unfortunately the field inhibitor whosawhatsits had become unpowered during the last test (when Liam’s ship got blown in half) and would need to be restored or the gun might damage itself. So, Senior Tech Acolyte Greuhod needed to go down to the geothermal power plant and fix that problem. The only issue was there weren’t the usual labor servitors available for the monumental task of replacing a couple of mega-fuses and plugging back in the mega-cable. They needed 500 prisoners to go down there and sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

There was quite a bit of deliberation about what to do. Hob could go down there in his power armour. Horray, he can count for 4 guys. They could repurpose a few arco flagellants maybe, but that’d only be a few more. Eratta said, “Fuck that, just make the stupid prisoners go down there, run them through the woodchipper! Purify their souls in the cleansing fire of radiation!” Janus and Zell were in complete agreement. The rest of the party wasn’t satisfied with that and still put their heads together. Finally, they decided to rotate all the prisoners through and work short shifts while Annatolla treated radiation sickness and Greuhod oversaw the workers speeding their progress along. They managed to not kill a single prisoner with the amazing rolls of these two players. To convince the prisoners to go down there Captain Holt mentioned the Chaos Cruiser coming and promised a full pardon for past transgressions.

On a minor note, the captain of the Wretched Blessing felt the need to correct the pronunciation. It’s not the wretch-ED blessing, it’s the Wretchd Blessing, as if the blessing was vomitted forth. The captain had weeping, puss filled sores and his body was slick with sweat. In the background there were a few lesser daemons pacing listlessly back and forth. A few bridge officers had to be restrained and one had to be put down after seeing this. The ship had missing armour plates, signs of damage, and fungus and mould growing on the outside of the ship. The Blessing said it was responding to the distress call, and the Hymn could depart now or prepare itself for a pummeling.

We did a little spaceship maneuvering combat and the players lured the cruiser into the firing zone. The shot barely missed but I reminded the players that Captain Holt would have said, “Make sure you hit with this shot!” granting a +10% bonus and securing the hit. The Chaos Cruiser was subsequently obliterated into its component atoms by the battleship-sized planetary Nova Cannon. At first Jon was like, “Hey we could loot that hulk” but everyone else at the table said, “NOOOOOO!” and so did Brian after I told him the story. :)

So, you guys have pacified the facility.

Post Mortem:

Next Session: 02-02 Defending the Thrice Damned Iceball

02-01 Exploring the Thrice Damned Iceball

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