02-00 Rescue Liam 911

Image Credit: Page 3 The Frozen Reaches / weblink here
PF: 51
DATE: 005.816 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: Repair the Hymn
REASON: In progress
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Thurman, Uric
SYNOPSIS: In Progress

We started the session on Footfall with a quick resupply and a verification of the general plan:
Head into the Foundling World and setup a new colony.

Nobody had any Footfall plans. Laurie asked if she could save her acquisition, and I said sure thing since she’s obviously my favorite.

We settled on a cluster of three stars that were within 3 “squares” of Footfall. An Orange, a yellow, and a white-yellow star. Cynthia successfully mapped a warp route in three months time. The 1st month, no progress was made, the 2nd month, you mapped out two squares. The third month you finished the last square.

During month 1, Eisen reported that he arrived at the pirate station, recovered the heretek and his assistant, and began the maintenance on the station. During month three, he reported that he completed the maintenance and was off to re-supply before mapping a warp-route to Vigil to do some Xeno-archaeology in the Calixis sector.

You didn’t get to spend much time in your little star cluster before receiving a distress call. You found some not-so-high profit factor minerals in the asteroids along with some evidence of a previous attempt at mining. Unpowered hab structures on some of the larger asteroids, but didn’t get a chance to explore further before Octavius pulled rank and sent you guys off to answer an old war-buddy’s request for help:

“This is Captain Liam Drummond of the Bellerophon’s Kiss. My ship has suffered catastrophic damage and is crash-landing on some thrice-damned iceball. Navigation coordinates follow…”

Cynthia plotted a course through the warp and it only took a week or so. The distress call was the only message received despite sending replies. There was only one warp-trail that Ivan saw coming into the system, and no other ships were present. Approaching the iceball, you detected a small amount of debris, and upon getting closer, the ship’s augers saw both halves of Liam’s ship stuck into the frozen planet.

A quick flyby along with servo skull scouting showed there weren’t any survivors. The only component that survived the crash unscathed was the Bridge. Everything else was destroyed or damaged. There was a trail of bodies leading towards an ice cave which turned out to be a hangar bay attached to a deep underground facility. There was also a heat source at the bottom of a crater that you guys investigated. Underneath the ice, the crater was lined with some type of metal. At first you were thinking some sort of auger dish or detection device, but the current theory is that it’s the weapon that blew Liam’s ship in half.

So, you decided to head down into the facility picking the armed but slightly less cargo space of the Aquila Lander.

Uric, Peskin, Captain Holt, Thurman, Janus, Eratta, Anna and Hob hop into the Aquila Lander along with some extra medical supplies. Uric squeezed through the iced up entrance into the hangar and proceeded down, down, down the gi-normous slanted elevator shaft. It was boring until it wasn’t when batlike humanoids started throwing themselves at the Lander and gliding to land on it. Uric kept his cool and turned the Lander around, angling it back up to shoot the autocannon at the incoming creatures. Hob had been pent up in the ship without stabbing anything for months, so he unstraps himself and opens the rear door, screaming “Turn it back around so I can get one!”. Anna springs out of her harness and tries to close the door, but Hob bats her hands away. Uric levels out the craft so people don’t go tumbling out the back. One of the creatures gets sucked into the engine, Uric kills a few, and Hob was about to climb out onto the outside of the Lander to engage in melee when Holt and Anna yelled at Hob to close the door and sit the hell back down. Hob meets them half-way and doesn’t climb out, but shoots his bolt pistol getting a righteous fury doing over 30 points of damage. Peskin closes the door with a tech-use and locks the back hatch. The creatures weren’t really a threat except they’d occaisionally get sucked into an engine. Someone (Janus? Thurman?) yelled, “Just leave these things behind Uric, damn!” So, Uric does a 180/Immelman and switches over to “Flyer” mode instead of “Skimmer”, much to the chagrin of everyone. Rocketing down the shaft, Anna and Hob both lost their balance but luckily the thrust was keeping them pinned to the back hatch instead of ping-ponging around the cargo area in their power armour. Next round, Anna and Hob regain their balance and strap themselves back in. Uric spends a couple of rounds flying down the shaft before converting back to “Skimmer” mode and lazily drifting down (Like a leaf on the wind!).

At the bottom of the elevator are piles of snow and one man-sized exit through the ice clogging the hallway. Uric starts shutting down the vehicle as people pile out. Shortly after the engines die down, a six-legged-bear the size of a rhino APC erupts out of one of the piles of snow. Everyone shoots the hell out of it, but it’s big and tough as hell. Thurman did some damage with his ripper pistol thanks to a Righteous Fury. Holt’s plasma pistol was going to overheat, but he spent a fate-point to reroll and so did some damage to the bear instead. Hob charged at it, but it was out of range. Eratta used her warp-fire ability at full strength triggering a Psykic Phenomenon which lead to a Perils of the Warp (Big/bad chart) and was 1 away from being drug into the warp for a d10 weeks. Instead she rolled up Reality Quake doing 2d10 damage to everyone and every thing down there. Thurman earned 2 Insanity Points. Some of the snow caught fire, other piles flash boiled. The engine that was caked with gore turned into two snarling mouths that snapped at passers by. Thurman’s big-hit, coupled with Eratta’s fire-bolt, burning snow, reality quake, and setting the beast ablaze is what finally did the beast in. After some of Anna’s amazing healing abilities came into play, everyone was back up to full. The mouth turned back into an engine, but it was messed up something fierce.

Onward into the facility. Scouting by Thurman showed people working a mine with servo skulls acting as foremen and an Arco-Flagellant sitting dormant reminding the prisoners what might happen if they didn’t work quite hard enough. Eventually the group walked into the main chamber and a servo skull stopped it’s foreman duties.

“Unauthorised organics, state purpose.” The players said something.

“Invalid. Restate purpose.” The players said something else.

“Situation undefined. Please stand by for High Magos Jan Zjilstra”.

The servo skull screamed at Thurman in binary. Then screamed at Peskin in binary. Peskin tried to tell the group what was going on, but the skull screamed at him in binary again, and Peskin started walking off. The players yelled at Peskin to come back but he kept walking and the Servo skull yelled at the PC’s. “The organics will refrain from communication!” At some point Janus compelled Peskin to return to the group, the servo skull shocked the crap out of Peskin for not complying, and the PC’s shot the skull. “Riot suppresssion protocol’s initiated. All organics will assume the prone position until order is restored. Violators will be reclaimed!” clank clank clank – air horn as the Fallout-style vault door opened up and the Arco-Flagellant came to life. All of the prisoners stopped what they were doing, laid face-down and put their hands behind their heads. One of the prisoners laughed and said, “You guys are fucked!”

The fight was epic. It started out with just one arco-flagellant but then 7 more showed up. There was a quick discussion about stay or run. The decision was made to fight, but send Uric back to prep the Aquila just in case. Janus was quite concerned about having to use the now warp-tainted lander. Hob charged and Anna followed. Holt yelled for them to return, but Hob was in Frenzy aching to kill something and Anna wasn’t going to leave Hob behind. Holt tried to get the PC’s to form a line, but the only one who listened was Thurman. The rest were using half-actions to advance towards the combat and take shots. As soon as Peskin was sure the Arco Flagellants weren’t targeting him, he ran into the facility “showing his true colors”, as Thurman put it. The flagellants took quite a bit of damage to put down. The first one dropped without too much issue as the others charged forward trying to engage in melee. Everyone damaged the first one, with Hob finishing it off in melee. The remaining 7 came at the players and drew fire from the group. During the fight, Thurman was doing decent damage with his Ripper pistol, Holt was doing decent damage with his plasma pistol until it overheated and he was forced to drop it. Hob engaged two (one of which got a Righteous Fury doing significant damage to Hob), and Anna engaged one. However, the character that shined the most was Eratta. Her fire was doing decent damage, but the Peril of the warp she generated caused a storm of blood to errupt in the underground facility causing all of the flagellants to fall except one. They managed to regain their footing, but quickly following this Eratta rolled a Hoarfrost Peril that froze all the blood around her causing the two arco-flagellants charging at her to slip and bust their arse a second time. Anna and Hob finished off theirs in melee and Holt helped clean the rest up with his power sword.

They interrogated the prisoners, mainly concentrating on the one that laughed at the start of the fight. Janus put the “Administratum Special” on this particular worker and got the story up to this point. He was a prisoner on Liam’s ship. They crashed on this ice planet and the survivors made it to this facility, many dying due to exposure. Once down here they had to get to work in this mine and foundry. Over the last month, these “things” were dragging people off kicking and screaming into the Adeptus Mechanicus facility, Liam being one of these victims. While the mental/physical interrogation was going on, Anna was saying prayers over the fallen flagellants since they had fulfilled their debt to society.

Point of note:
Peskin has never really been a brave soul, and he’s been through a LOT of shit lately. Narrowly avoiding a visit to the Inquisition, almost being sacrificed in a Tzentch ritual, threatened by snipers (during the engine theft), navigating through the minefield with Uric. Being exposed to so much, I rolled to see if he picked up a mutation, but luckily he didn’t receive any visible one.

The party spent some time exploring the facility which was a technological marvel. So far, they’ve only hit two rooms: the main “lobby” which was a cathedral-esque chamber dedicated to the Omnisiah, and the Medicae-ward / Reclamation wing. Still absolutely drenched in blood, you guys finally linked back up with Peskin and found Jon’s new character Greuhod (GROO-hod). Peskin was chatting with Greuhod in binary when Janus, from behind a mask of gore says, “Hey Peskin buddy… How have you been? We missed you in the fight!” Apparently Peskin was identified as an out-of-place Tech Acolyte and was told to report here for cleaning duty or he’d get turned into a servo skull. Greuhod suffered a similar fate, but recently received a promotion with Peskin as his subordinate.

That’s where the session pretty much ended.

300xp for the session.
+50xp for difficulty. (I didn’t mention this Saturday, but after thinking about it, it was pretty damn tough)

+50xp for Eratta. I felt like the whole table enjoyed Eratta’s shining moments, psychic phenomenon, and Perils of the Warp. Stultz kept sighing and saying “Just 3 chapters!” (Eric has to read 3 chapters of the Caiaphas Caine books and I’ll let him cast at half strength instead of Psy-Rating 1 for fettered tests)

+25xp for Greuhod. Jon did some OOC mocking of Thurman that had the whole table laughing. nerd voice “Excuse me sir. I’d like to point out that I’m following orders. Do you see those insubordinate members of your retinue up ahead?”

And 2 insanity points for Thurman.

Speaking of which, I was mainly controlling Holt and didn’t hand out any discipline other than to warn Hob that if he disobeys another order, he’s going back to babysit the Lander. If you want to add anything Brian, feel free.

We were all pretty drained and Eric had already left when we met up with Greuhod. I’d like to get Greuhod intigrated into the group more properly via some e-mail discussions. Jon, could you send out a description of Greuhod (both physical and his personality) and how you see him fitting into the group? If there’s going to be any negative PC interactions, I’d like it discussed in e-mail first and have both players in agreement with the situation.

Laurie or I will send out an e-mail with the various stats of the systems, and the general layout of the Adeptus Mechanicus facility that you are presently in.

Post Mortem:

Next Session: 02-01 Exploring the Thrice Damned Iceball

02-00 Rescue Liam 911

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