01-06 The Big Race

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PF: 51
DATE: 001.816 M41
LOCATION: Omnicron 71-DX
OBJECTIVE: Repair the Hymn
REASON: In progress
PC’s: Anna, Erata, Hob, Janus, Thurman, Uric
SYNOPSIS: In progress.

I heard of a house rule for fettered psyker strength and wanted to try it out. Fettered doesn’t mean 1/2 Psy rating, it means you activate powers with a Psy rating of 1. This encourages the use of psychic powers at full strength instead of always playing it safe for fettered. This was met with much sulking and pouting from Eric. Since I’ve been hitting Eratta with a nerf bat ever since the begining, I can understand him not wanting to adopt this new rule and had planned to give Eric veto power here. All future psyker characters will be using this rule. And this rule will stop applying to Eratta once Eric reads the first few chapters of the Caiaphas Cain book he borrowed. Happy reading Eric! :)

Janus (Jon) recently earned some Insanity points and expressed a dislike of the 100xp for 1 insanity point removed ratio. We talked it over and even though Warhammer is supposed to be dark and gritty, we’d like the removal of insanity points to be a bit easier on the xp budget. I’m thinking of the following chart. Spend 100 xp and roll 1d10.
(1-2) = 1 IP removed
(3-8) = 2 IP removed
(9-10) = 3 IP removed

The party told Eisen of the assassination attempt. He would offer help, but after your recent expenditure, that doesn’t seem necessary. (more on that later)

For the recently acquired station, you decided to just save it for now. Get it towed into a tighter orbit and have some tech priests perform some much needed maintenance.

Cynthia/Taylor spent his recent acquisition roll on a general investment of the Foundling Worlds endeavors you guys are pursuing. I don’t have any rules for this, but I plan on awarding some personal profit factor if it turns out to be successful.

Roland shall be leaving the crew of the Hymn and joining up with Eisen for a little while. You guys will be losing 1 profit factor when that becomes official.

The general plan for thwarting the assassination attempt is now:
Step 1: Acquire a Rhino APC
Step 3: Ambush Thwarted! Also…. Profit!

The group spent their last acquisition and acquired a Good Quality Rhino APC. They’re going to ride into the ambush and come out guns a blazin’. Go big or go home boys! Thurman and Eratta moved into a nearby position to help with runaway stragglers if needed. People in the APC include Bernard Octavius Shilwulf, Holt Shilwulf, Janus, and as of the writing of this we are unsure if Annatolla will be on the APC or in the backup party. Octavius suggests that on the tank would be bad because if shit goes bad for the tank, you want the medic to be able to sew the pieces back together. If the medic is in pieces herself, that’s not possible. Laurie will be sending an e-mail soonish about the tacical integrity of the plan. :) The rest of the spots will be occupied by a common quality driver, and Mortressans with common quality gear.

Eric, if you’re wanting to be sure to be in the fight, you should know straggler duty may or may not participate depending on how well or poorly things go for the main combat. The tank and crew will be guaranteed to see some action.

After the ambush thwarting plan was hashed out, we spent the rest of the night role-playing at the Shilwulf dinner party. Mainly Eisen asking about the party’s future plans and who Holt plans to name as the Dynasty’s “Second” (the guy who takes over if Holt gets dead-inated). Holt’s current plan is to name Eisen, but Holt actually hasn’t done any research on the matter so Eisen is the only real choice right now.

Merge these two sessions into one

Well, one thing happend that was totally amazing this session. Laurie decided to sit in at the table with us! :) Welcome aboard Laurie! There wasn’t much for her to do this session, so she mainly just listened and cracked jokes, but she claims to have had fun.

There were surprsingly no references to cock or rape. I’m not sure if this was because Laurie was sitting at the table or because Jon was absent. >.>

Check out the mini’s we painted for the session. A recently acquired Rhino and some power armour for Hob:
TODO – Put up image of rhino

We started the session at Eisen’s party. I gave the players plenty of opportunity to adjust the plan, but they put their faith in the armour of the Rhino. Luckily it carried them through. I think we were within 10 of a roll of a Righteous Fury (Critical Hit) which could have caused everyone in the tank to be stunned … or worse. :) Your luck held out though. The Mortressan NPC manning the Storm Bolter failed his Willpower Test to avoid Pinning from heavy stubber fire, but Captain Holt Shilwulf had a special ability that let the Mortressan reroll for free. He passed and blew the t-total hell out of the merc with the Missile Launcher.

(Brian, can people use your Fellowship for their Willpower based rolls or some such?)

With the only real weapon that could penetrate the tank gone, the rest of the mercs fled. One of the Heavy Stubber mercs was bleeding out, and Eratta ran over to Cauterize him rolling a 99 on her activation roll. She was doing it at fettered, but some residuals of her close brush with Chaos makes 99 bad. She temporarily got Daemonic Vissage, gained a Fear(1) rating and gained a corruption point. This caused a Mortressan to gain an insanity point when he failed his fear test and Annatolla gained 3.

Eric, that 99 was a one time thing, and we’re back to normal. Casting at half strength can’t provoke Perils of the Warp now. I also think Annatolla would have had an easy time of curing his bloodloss without any risk. With her medkit and all her bonuses, I think her test is something stupid like a 106.

Octavious told Janus to go verify the rumors of Astropaths being burned out by some Warp Beast in the Maw. You brought Eratta for backup just in case some people wanted some revenge for their complimentary mind rape. Eck send private note to Eric/Jon Once you made it to the Astropathic Choir Santum, note is passed to Eric and the rumors were indeed verified that a few astropaths had to be replaced recently.

Thurman reported his findings at the end of Day 5. There was an Eldar in the hangar bay on the Bifrost.

Day 6, rest and relaxation.

Day 7, the race. Uric won the race… soundly. I had tried to come up with a cool race mechanic but after playtesting and fighting with Laurie we just abstracted it away to a few rolls. During the race, pirates attacked and shot missiles at the two in the lead (Uric and the Eldar). One of the pilots had a ramming prow on his vehicle. Since it was totally to deflect asteroids, it wasn’t technically a weapon… He proceeded to try to ram other contestants. Conrad’s pilot (rolled by Brian) may as well have crashed into the hangar bay. I think all of his rolls were 99+. He didn’t make it.

Oh, and there was a bomb planted on Uric’s fighter. I freely admited that you guys didn’t fuck up and forget to protect it or anything. I just thought it’d be cool and exciting if it happened in the race. To compensate for my slight against the players and risking your profit factor, I gave you guys a single “I’m sorry I screwed you, but it was for fun”-credit. Feel free to cash in this single credit to change the story up some, make some tough encounter easier, or for something else you can come up with. Worst I can say is no. :) This is a 1-shot deal, and is for the entire group. It’s not 1-per-player.

So before the racers started, the players turned their ship’s auspex to max to try and catch cheaters. They detected a signal from the rented out mining facility (not a ship) and shortly after that, the bomb was powering up on Uric’s fighter. The players rushed down to fight, and even though there were 15 guys, the fight was over quite quickly. Eratta ran out and used a Blinding Flash power, blinding 10 of them. Cynthia walked up and showed them all his warp Eye, killing or stunning the non-blind ones. Thurman popped the Tech Acolyte with his ripper pistol and that’s when her deadman trigger went off. That caused a melta bomb in the signaling device to go off and open a hole into the void.

Whee! Eratta lost her footing. Cynthia ran past her leaving Eratta to die. The Mortressan in the room was stunned by the warp eye power and was tumbling towards the void. Thurman tried to shoot Eratta with his grapple but Eric mentioned that his Eldar Powerfield would be on and it deflected the grapple. Curse you irony! (He had burned a fate point for that auto-acquisition and now his character was protected from being saved…) Holt overrode the controls on the door so they wouldn’t close giving Eratta a chance to get out, climbing the nearby grapple rope. The Mortressan finally came to. Realizing he was tumbling to the cold embrace of the void, he ate his own gun. Eratta made it out and Holt slammed the door.

Uric and Eathan Libram were calling for a Teleportarium evac. Octavius said, “Well the bomb hasn’t blown up so far. Let’s press our luck. As soon as you pass the finish line we’ll pull you out of there.” Eathan cursed him in binary. Uric pushed the throttle to 11. And Charles Peskin said a small prayer of thanks to the Emperor for letting him miss this excitement. Uric won the race, they teleported him out of there and, shortly afterwards, the ship blew up.

Jonas Windorf was not pleased with the way things turned out. He called Octavius a cheater and said his ship blowing up was part of his master plan to cover up the evidence. Conrad told him to cool off and take a walk, which he did. He started cursing out his Eldar pilot who was convinced he had won. The little man’s persistance eventually made the Eldar concede that the vehicle Jonas provided was not up to snuff. Clearly it wasn’t a matter of skill since he was baffled that these monkeys could be taught to fly a spacecraft to begin with.

That ended the race, and the ship repairs were complete. Ending Chapter 1. For the major milestone reached, I gave out a bonus 500 xp.

Octavius, seeing the fresh stripe of blue and newly installed silver runes on his hull, had Thurman arrange for the rest of the ship to get a fresh coat of blue and the rest of the silver polished since it looked so sharp. You guys will get a +10 to impress people until it gets back to a normal-beatup state. We did this when Ivan’s special warp sensors were being installed so we didn’t lose much time.

Octavius’s ship arrived here and was being refit with the extra ship gear that you guys had no use for. He may take an acquisition every so often to get it going.

Eisen left the day after the race congratulating you, but still saying it was far too risky. Specifically he compliments Uric for his able piloting and Eathan for his technical aptitude. Eisen took Roland with him.

On to Footfall through the Maw. Cynthia made a highly skilled navigation test, and cut the time down to a few days. Before entering the Warp, Annatolla put Malachai and Janus into a medically induced coma, just in case. rolls dice Nope, no Warp Beast.

You arrive in good time and Ivan shot a big compliment Cynthia’s way. You had called some of your agents ahead of time to meet with Sarvus Trask and expressed an interest in his recent find of a cache of ancient weapons. He sometimes talked to someone who wasn’t there and one time even got into an argument with his imaginary friend. You bargained with him and traded your recently liberated void station for a good quality nuke (stats below). You also got a stake in his claim to start an imperial shipyard a little too close to Ork space for sane people. But his luck has been holding out so far and you guys were going to toss that station anyway. You also got him to agree to not make any deals with Jonas Windorf, the hot-head who was convinced you guys were cheaters.

Next you tried to unload the drugs. It took a little while but eventually you got to the scale of buyer who could deal in such a big shipment. The first such buyer started inspecting the merchandise and found a card in some of the obscura. It had a stylized silver dragon on it. The buyer looked at the card, looked at you and said, “Yeah…. I’m not touching this stuff. Good luck to you.” Asking around, you found that this drug shipment originally belonged to the Karleski family which is a significant drug cartell in the Calixis sector lead by a brutal, vengeful man.

The party tracked down a representative and returned the drugs for a “finder’s fee” and totally were not selling the drugs back to the Karleski family. This was done with the hope that the action had the highest chance of not pissing them off. Not a great chance, but at least a chance.

The players decided that scouting out potential worlds for a colony is what they wanted to do, so they decided on concentrating on clusters that contained a Yellow star in them. Giving +1 to Life and +0 to Minerals.

This is where we called it.

Party XP:
500 – Big milestone – end of Chapter 1
300 – Normal Session

25xp – I thought it was a good idea with the Grapple

50xp – Reminding us you needed to roll for the Eldar power field was =

50xp – Painting up Hob and the shilwulf heads on the Rhino.

25xp – When you made the Mortressan eat his own gun, that was very =

Thurman – Good Quality Auger Array.
Also had his bionic locomotion installed.
Uric – Good Quality Fury Interceptor (Or was it a Thunderhawk?)
Uric rolled super well, and I said he could get a Best Quality thunderhawk if the party spent a permanent Profit Factor. (still up for debate)

Dynasty Adjustments:
Free Station of Passage chosen: The Temple
Starting Profit Factor – 52
-1 For Roland Leaving
+5 for winning the race.
Currently Thurman rolled pretty well on his Comerce test and gave us +8 temporary profit factor on Footfall giving us 64. If you’re looking for Xeno-Tech, you’ll get a +5 on top of that.

Traded away the recently acquired space station for a good quality nuke. (Atomics page 163 of Into the Storm) This is a one-shot weapon and you don’t have the ability to fire it from your ship since you have laser macro-cannons.

If fired from a projectile macro-cannon, the atomic weapond will do 1d5+5 hits. Each hit does 1d10+6 damage which is totaled into one mega-hit. A below average set of rolls can destroy a raider. An average set of rolls could easily destroy a frigate and severely wound a cruiser. A good roll could destroy a cruiser.

If detonated on a ship or station, it auto-destroys the ship or station.

Post Mortem:

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01-06 The Big Race

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