01-00 While the Kats Away

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PF: 50
DATE: 272.815 M41
LOCATION: Tanstar 88
OBJECTIVE: Dock at the Naval depot for some more serious repairs and resupply
REASON: The ship was severely damaged, and the crew needs leave
PC’s: Anna, Hob, Janus, Thurman, Lazarus
SYNOPSIS: The pc’s inform Commodore Katherine Menakos of the ork vessels in the nearby system. The navy departs to take care of the threat, leaving the pc’s in charge of the system’s defense. During the shore leave, a group of crewmen are found murdered

Previous Session’s Recap:

Last session, the explorers swept the ship for the taint of Chaos and killed the brig beast monstrosity (and after it’s limbs morphed into other creatures, they killed those too). Anna said a small prayer to the Emperor for these lost souls before having her servitor cleanse them with a heavy flamer. After rescuing some prisoners and sparing a mutant, emergency repairs were performed so the Hymn would survive the journey to Tanstar 88.

Thanks to Lazarus‘s navigating skills, the trip is surprisingly short, the first bit of good news since the tragedy of the ship being sliced open. While in transit towards the large blue marble of Tanstar, the crew’s morale improves by 2 more (bringing it up to 50) as rumors of shore leave spread through the underdecks. Knowing that this system has a navy depot with imperial ships in orbit also puts the crew at ease since they are more secure in their safety.

Janus Aldos had sent an astropathic message to Commodore Katherine Menakos after engaging the Ork vessels (2 sessions ago). Since then, the Commodore recalled several of her nearby patrols to organize a strike force.

Menakos explains that she wants to take every ship available since there’s no telling how many orks are in the asteroid belt, but standing orders forbid her from leaving the depot unguarded. Because of Octavius‘s naval background, it’s technically legal for her to place him in charge of the system’s defense (even if somewhat risky).

There’s a brief ceremony where Octavius Shilwulf relieves her of duty and, shortly afterwards, she leads her fleet to engage the Orks.

There’s a decision to be made on how to go about replacing the crew losses of the Hymn Should we tell Eisen Shilwulf (brother who covets the Warrant of Trade) about the recent catastrophe? If yes, then he can help secure a crew and cover any other commitments we had, but then he gets to advance some of his schemes. If no, then securing a crew may be more difficult and you might lose 1 PF.

Octavius is actually going to retire soon and he won’t be naming Eisen as his successor. He’s been passing more and more decisions like this off to his loyal retinue (the pc’s) to better prepare you for his departure. Ultimately, they decide it makes more sense to tell Eisen than not.

With that out of the way, Thurman Devalt contacts the planetary officials to organize the shore leave. Thousands of underdeck crewmen aren’t exactly something they would want to inflict full-force onto the main city. Plus, they want to be able to herd the crew back up to your ship when it’s time to leave. As luck would have it, there are some hab modules on planet that were slated to be used to start the next farming town. Thurman negotiates a deal where the Hymn’s crewmen would provide the labor to setup all the hab units (away from civilization), and a smaller number of crewmen will rotate into town.

With the assistance of the locals, the shore leave site is chosen near a gently flowing river, about 50 kilometers down stream from Tanstar Prime (main colony). It’s surrounded by hip-high, wavy blue grass with a smattering of blue-leafed trees. Herds of blue-furred quadrapeds graze while gentle breezes dance in the grass. Large birds circle overhead before swooping down suddenly into the river, returning their catch to nests high in the trees. Compared to life as a voidsman, this is paradise. Clean air, clean water, and actual meat (thanks to some hunting parties). The explorers may have a difficult time getting them back on the ship :)

Various prefab facilities, such as toilets, mess halls, barracks, and quarters for the command staff, are delivered and erected. The vegetation is trampled by the thousands of people coming and going revealing dense brown earth and leaving blue grass stains on everything about ankle high. By the time Menakos and her fleet warp out of the system, the Dynasty has its own little outpost.

The town of Tanstar Prime has a population of approximately 50,000, so is too small to support everyone on leave at the same time. Shuttles are organized to take groups into town with preference given to the loyal and well behaved.

Local officials inform the command staff of the abhuman natives who live in the surrounding countryside. The tribesmen have a slight blue tint to their skin and are mostly peaceful, but the officials warn the explorers to keep their distance anyway. While it is believed most wildlife won’t come near the outpost, watches are formed as an added security measure.

The explorers split up to do their own thing for a bit. Lazarus visits the local Navigator Guild House and enjoys their rich hospitality. Anna ignores the warnings to avoid the natives and decides to visit with them. She specifically invites the pious Janus, and Hob tags along just in case the natives get any ideas. Thurman begins using the Captain’s authority to use the depot for some more serious repairs. Octavius commends him on the idea but cautions not to over do it.

Post Mortem:

This session, I wanted to give the players a sense of responsibility over dynasty business. I also wanted to focus on role playing since the previous two sessions were combat heavy. Everyone rose to the occasion, even my newer players.

We had already started this session via wave when the decision to start gaming in person was made. So we wrapped up the individual threads of RP (which took about a month). I’ll miss the luxury of being able to get the wording of my posts exactly right and giving everyone equal attention as they split up. However, I think everyone was happier with the switch back to table-top gaming.

Next Session: 01-01 Trouble on the Surface

01-00 While the Kats Away

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