Urbani Karleski

Leader of the Karleski family


Image Credit: Joe Pesci from Goodfellas.

Urbani Karleski is the leader of the Karleski family. Most of the time he is a cut-throat businessman with an eye for the big picture, but he’s known for his bouts of psychotic rage when faced with serious failure. There are few people in his organization who get a chance to learn from their mistakes.

Over the past few years, he has quickly grown his drug empire to a Rogue Trader level of drug production and distribution. It’s rumored that he has not accomplished this alone, but the accomplice remains a mystery. The Cartel’s resources are spread a little thin, but no significant threats are willing to risk Karleski’s wrath.

GM Note:

A war was accidentally started with Karleski when one of the explorers shot and killed Karleski’s nephew during some negotiations with pirates. Karleski retaliated by capturing Roland Shilwulf, torturing him to death and sending this along with an ultimatum to hand over 5 PF worth of resources.

The war with Karleski became the third major story arc of the explorers’ adventures.


Urbani Karleski

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