Thurman Devalt

Ninja Butler for the Shilwulf Dynasty's Rogue Trader

++ To admit defeat is to blasphemy against the emperor. ++
NAME: Thurman Devalt
PLAYER: Stultz (NPC)
FACTION: Shilwulf Dynasty
CAREER: Seneschal
IMAGE: Page 64 – Rogue Trader Core

Thurman’s hair is kept short in a sensible military crew cut. He’s of average height and weight, but the normalcy ends there. The seneschal’s face was on the receiving end of a Chaos Space Marine’s rifle butt and it shows. The right side of his face has been replaced with cybernetics to replace the broken skull and a flat piece of mirrored chrome resembling an eye-patch now serves as his eye. Nothing was done for his ruined nose that is mashed down away from the cybernetics.

Thurman also lost his right arm to a heavy plasma weapon during the session 01-02 Dinner with the Governor. It was also replaced with a cybernetic version, and like the eye, it was better than it’s fleshy counterpart. With this in mind, Thurman replaced his legs voluntarily a few sessions later. The Augmentist career may be in his future.


My character’s name is Thurman Devalt and I’m very devoted to the Imperial Cult. I wanted to be a cleric to the god emperor, however, due to an incident with some chaos marines that did not happen. During the conflict I lost my right eye and was also visited by an Inquisitor. Since I was barred from serving in the Ecclesiarchy, I have had a chip on my shoulder. I’m always trying to prove myself and will not tolerate any insult or questioning of my loyalty.

Character Sheet

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
22 50 35 40 40 40 45 41 50


Name Lvl Bonus
Acrobatics (Ag) +0%
Awareness (Per) +5%
Barter (Fel) +5%
Blather (Fel) +0%
Carouse (T) +0%
Charm (Fel) +5% -10%
Chem Use (Int) +0%
Ciphers (Int) +0%
Climb (S) +5%
Command (Fel) +0%
Commerce (Fel) +10%
Common Lore (Int) +5% Imperium, Imperial creed, Underworld, War
Concealment (Ag) +5%
Contortionist (Ag) +0%
Deceive (Fel) +5%
Demolition (int) +0%
Disguise (Fel) +5%
Dodge (Ag) +5%
Drive (Ag) +0%
Evaluate (Int) +5%
Forbidden Lore (Int) +0%
Gamble (Int) +5% Archeotech(-5%), Psykers(-5%), Xenos(-5%)
Inquiry (Fel) +5%


Name Lvl Bonus
Interrogation (WP) +0%
Intimidate (S) +10%
Invocation (WP) +0% +10%
Lip Reading (Per) +0%
Literacy (Int) +10%
Logic (Int) +0%
Medicae (Int) +0%
Navigation (Int) +0%
Performer (Fel) +5% Story teller
Pilot (Ag) +0%
Psyniscience (Per) +0%
Scholastic Lore (Int) +0%
Scrutiny (Per) +5%
Search (Per) +0%
Secret Tongue (Int) +5%
Security (Ag) +5%
Shadowing (Ag) +0%
Silent Move (Ag) +0%
Sleight of Hand (Ag) +5%
Speak Language (Int) +5% High gothic(10%), Low gothic, Trader’s cant
Survival (Int) +0%
Swim (S) +0%
Tech-Use (Int) +5%
Tracking (Int) +0%
Trade (Int) +0%
Wrangling (Int) +0%

Talents & Traits

Name Details Page
Basic weapon training
Brook no insult
Die hard
Pistol weapon training
Unshakable faith

Special Abilities

Name Details Page
Augur arrays
Bionic locomotion
Dark sight
Delicate manipulation
Good bionic arm (Right) +10 Str, +10 Agi


Inferno pistol
Ripper pistol
Ancestral seal (+10 social w/ Imperial citizens)
Bionic eye
Chameleoline cloak
Conversion field (Good)
Multikey (+30 to open locks)
Xeno-mesh armor

Thurman Devalt

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