"Did you miss me, Anna?"

NAME: Tobias Quinn
IMAGE: Sabretooth – XMen Origins

Quinn kidnapped, tortured, and attempted to murder Annatolla Marastraza deep in the bowels of the Hymn during Where Angels Fear to Tread. Thwarted by the unexpected arrival of the doctor’s fellow party members and the kindness of Old Man Shilwulf, Quinn somehow managed to make his escape from the Hymn when the ship docked for repairs in Footfall. Though claiming he was acting on behalf of the Remember the Forgotten cultists, there was evidence that Quinn was involved with the Komarov Brotherhood.

Later presented as a “gift of goodwill”, Quinn was handed over during the Shilwulf and Komarov Brotherhood meeting on Seyjal. Aleksandr Komarov disavowed any involvement with Quinn and his actions, personally apologizing to Holt Shilwulf for the “grievous acts committed towards you and the property of your dynasty”.

Escorted back to the Hymn by Doctor Marastraza and a rather insistent Hob, Quinn’s current status is publicly unknown.



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