Victoria Pierce

Seneschal of the Ocaturian Dynasty and rival of Thurman Devalt


Image Credit: Page 103 – Core Rulebook

Victoria Pierce is the Seneschal of the Ocaturian Dynasty. She is an attractive, cunning woman who rarely fails at her assigned tasks. The Seneschal takes her work seriously, but sometimes her overly polite and friendly tone conceals this. Victoria prefers to keep her targets at a distance, operating in the shadows or through intermediaries. She prefers to avoid bloodshed whenever possible, though she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty . While operating in the field, she is rarely without her small swarm of armed servo skulls.

Victoria never takes things personally. In the cut-throat world of Rogue Trader politics, she knows that an ally today may be an enemy tomorrow. She tries to keep her word whenever possible as does Elias Erbach since it’s just plain good for business.

GM Note:

The explorers first encountered Victoria on Omnicron 71-DX when she was politely ambushing them to politely steal their newly acquired engine (politely!). Thurman’s quick thinking and risky use of the Teleportarium returned the engine to its “rightful” owners.

Since then, Victoria has apologized and shared useful information with the Shilwulf Dynasty. She even went on a joint covert operation with Thurman and might be a love-interest for him.


Victoria Pierce

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