Charles Peskin

Cowardly Adeptus Mechanicus flunk out


Image Credit: Page 46 – Hostile Acquisitions

Charles Peskin is smart, imaginative, and curious. He is also very much a coward. He joined the ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus at an early age, but he proved to be too much of an independent thinker and quickly washed out of their ranks. Luckily he was reassigned as an Administratum functionary and not just converted into a labor servitor.

He learned his lesson well though. From then on, he kept his thoughts to himself and used his mind to advance within the ranks to that of Quartermaster on Tanstar 88.

GM Note:

The explorers met Peskin while uncovering an illegal Xenos artifact trade on Tanstar 88. They shut down the cold trade, but instead of turning Peskin over to the Inquisition, they invited him to join the Shilwulf Dynasty. Since then he’s been nearly killed dozens of times, he was aboard the racing ship when a bomb was discovered, was an unwilling participant in a Chaos cult ritual, and temporarily put in charge of a ship with a devout death cult.

The fact that his sanity hasn’t shattered yet is a testament to the luck of the administratum that has exhibited itself in our games.


Charles Peskin

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