Octavius Shilwulf

Recently retired Rogue Trader of the Shilwulf Dynasty


Image Credit – Alliance Admiral, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria cinematic

Though well over a century old, Octavius looks to be a man in his mid 40’s thanks to rejuv treatments. His face has the scars of many past battles, but he is still a handsome man. His long black hair, along with his neatly trimmed mustache and goatee, is streaked with silver. He is most often seen with a neat braid in honor of a custom that existed in his first command.

His grey-blue eyes, a common characteristic in the Shilwulf lineage, sparkle with roguish glee at the prospect of new adventure. He typically wears his Naval Officer’s uniform with a veritable wall of medals pinned to his bulky chest. His right arm has been replaced with a high quality cyber limb, most of which is covered by the long sleeves of his Officer’s greatcoat.

He wears a powersword on his left hip and a customized bolt pistol on his right.


His full name is Octavius Shilwulf, and is a direct descendant of the Shilwulf Dynasty’s first Rogue Trader, Volug Shilwulf. His older brother, Eisen Shilwulf, was the next in line for the position of Rogue Trader. Though Eisen is a much better merchant than Octavius, at the time it made more sense politically to promote a war hero into the position. However, ‘war hero’ is not the term that Octavius Shilwulf would use to describe himself. In his eyes, he was merely performing his Imperial duty.

Being noble born, he was afforded a life of luxury that most lesser born cannot even fathom. At an early age, he became enamored with the idea of the Imperium and what it stood for. As soon as he could, Octavius enlisted in the Imperial Navy for officer training. The Shilwulf Dynasty wasn’t nearly as wealthy as it is today, but still had enough money and influence to allow him to bribe his way up the ranks. It would be nice to say it was his own skills, quick thinking, and improvisation that allowed him to climb the Chain of Command, but these characteristics are not sought after for lesser command positions.

When the first war of Armageddon broke out, Octavius was in command of the 43rd Frigate Squadron Blue Lancers – Firestorm Class. Captain Shilwulf managed to turn the tide of one of the many fleet engagements around that war ravaged planet. The battle was going poorly, Shilwulf had lost most of the squadron due to superior numbers. Mustering what was left, Octavius out-maneuvered the Traitor’s Loyalty, a Chaos Slaughter class cruiser, and was able to charge down it’s less armed (but not less armored) bow. As Shilwulf’s squadron bore down on the Loyalty’s bow, he gave the orders to ‘ram that thrice damned ship’.

Blue Lancer 1‘s prow lance fired just before impact which, coupled with the bow of his own ship, ripped open the command bridge of the enemy cruiser. With the sudden loss of their commander, the Chaos fleet was thrown into disarray Taking advantage of the fortuitous turn of events, the Imperial Fleet was able to score many kills before the enemy routed. Though Shilwulf’s actions resulted in the loss of half his crew and his right arm, it was a small price to pay for victory.

This is a testament to the type of man Octavius Shilwulf is. Few men could convince their crews to ram another ship, fewer still would ram a larger ship, and even fewer would dare ram a Chaos vessel. He fought through the remainder of the Armageddon war in command of a light cruiser and two squadrons of frigates. Though the rest of his actions were far less bold, Octavius still earned quite a name for himself before retiring from the Imperial Navy.

To this day, the details of that tide-turning battle is now required reading at the Naval Academy.

Octavius Shilwulf

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