Mordechai Lombardi

Disgruntled clerk desperately seeking a way off of Siccus V


Mordechai Lombardi was once a young clerk aspiring to rise up the ranks of the Administratum. Using some of his family’s influence and wealth, he even managed to secure an apprenticeship within the hallowed temples of Terra. Yet, he wasn’t savvy enough to navigate the political waters of that sacred office and was effectively banished for his failings. Now, serving as an administrator for a rat warren within a far-flung, dustball of a planet, he’s desperate to get back into Terra’s good graces.

The Daikoin Dynasty has promised to use some of its influence within the Administratum to speed along Lombardi’s request for a transfer, if he’s able to dislodge the Shilwulf Dynasty from Siccus V. Though he doesn’t dare falsify any records, Lombardi is constantly searching for any loop-hole which might jeopardize the contract.

Related Items:

  • Siccus V – Planet where Mordechai is currently stationed.
  • Before the game, my players included this NPC as a possible plot hook while coming up with their starting profit factor : Dynasty Holdings.

Mordechai Lombardi

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