Liam Drummond


Image Credit – David O’Hara, Braveheart

Standing just under six feet tall, Liam cuts an imposing figure despite his age. At first glance, one might take him to be a tough ganger, the left side of his face and entire right arm covered in intricate tribal tattoos. Dextrous and tough as nails, Liam carries his medium build with confidence. Most who don’t know him would find themselves intimidated by his stern face and calculating gaze.

To those who know him, Liam is quite humorous, boisterous and always looking for excitement. Loves the ladies and his booze even more, tries to avoid fighting when he can, but won’t back down either.


Like Octavius, Liam Drummond is an ex-Imperial Navy officer. His exceptional ability as both a tactician and expert sniper allowed him to work his way up through military ranks quickly, but he turned down higher command positions to keep himself in the field. After the military, Liam pursued mercenary work before settling with his current employer. It’s clear that life took Bernard and Liam in vastly different directions, but the two of them seem to pick up where they left off after meeting again

Liam Drummond

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