Lazarus Leere

Navigator for the Retirement Plan

++ Gaze long enough into the warp and the warp will gaze back into you. ++
NAME: Lazarus Leere
PLAYER: Randall (NPC)
FACTION: Shilwulf Dynasty
CAREER: Navigator
IMAGE: Page 173 – Rogue Trader Core

I’m tall and lean, with a loping gate common to those born to space travel. My skin is pale, and my eyes are solid orbs of black. I wear the robes of my station but i wear them open so that it resembles a great coat. This displays my carapice armor which is covered in the prayers and seals to the Emperor. I tend to keep the hood of my robes up, and of course I wear the silk head scarf of the Navigators, upon which there is a prominent embroidered eye sigil.


I am a Navigator for the Shilwulf dynasty, and I’m trying to soak up as much of that experience as possible. I know that one day I’ll go totally mad or become a mutant hidden away in a chapter house of the Navis Nobilite (or both). So for now I’m trying to see and do as much as I can. I tend to have a lot of swagger and play up total confidence in my abilities.

I’m very devoted to the Imperial Cult and display a set of prayer beads on my right hand. I also reference the Emperor’s Tarot every morning to gain insight and direction for the day. Despite my over all easy demeanor, careful observation will note that I’m superstitious and ritualistic, and when it comes to my duties I DO NOT like interruption or change to my methods and accepted protocols.

As an aside, there is an onboard initiation on Emperor’s Hymn for new crew that if anyone asks if its true about my having a third eye , the crew will hold the questioner down while I make a big show of getting in his face and acting like I’m going to remove my head scarf. Which of course I never do.

Lazarus Leere

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