Janus Aldos

Prime Astropath aboard the Hymn

++ In a time of darkness, a blind man is the best guide. In an age of insanity, look to the madman to show the way. ++
NAME: Janus Aldos
FACTION: Shilwulf Dynasty
CAREER: Astropath
IMAGE: Col_Festus

One can’t help but focus on the viscous, blue/black liquid that leaks continually from his hollowed eye-sockets. The tears, stream slowly down his face from behind the brown strip of cloth that he keeps wrapped over them. He’s almost always dressed in his astropathic robes and leans heavily on a roughly hewn onyx staff at least a head taller than himself.

Janus Aldos speaks with the harsh timbre of a man whose vocal chords had undergone some form of severe damage, and had never truly healed properly. A combination of deep throated phlegm crackling like gravel grinding against stone.


Janus is relatively young and was a replacement for the previous Astropath that burned himself out while performing his duties. Having witnessed the Emperor’s beneficence first-hand, he’s a very pious individual. Even though the experience melted the eyes from his head, he maintains his faith in the God Emperor.

Lazarus Leere has taken Janus under his wing since the Astropath joined the Shilwulf Dynasty, serving as a mentor to him. And the young psyker gravitates towards the other explorers that hold the Emperor in high regard. He respects and reveres Annatolla Marastraza, often seeking her out in the middle of the night when haunted by his troubling dreams. Sometimes he falls asleep in the medicae ward while Anna works long into the night.

Character Sheet

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
25 40 25 35 40 45 40 71 30


Name Lvl Bonus
Acrobatics (Ag) +0%
Awareness (Per) +5%
Barter (Fel) +0%
Blather (Fel) +0%
Carouse (T) +0%
Charm (Fel) +10%
Chem Use (Int) +0%
Ciphers (Int) +0%
Climb (S) +0%
Command (Fel) +0%
Commerce (Fel) +0%
Common Lore (Int) +5% Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Administratum
Concealment (Ag) +0%
Contortionist (Ag) +0%
Deceive (Fel) +0%
Demolition (int) +0%
Disguise (Fel) +0%
Dodge (Ag) +5%
Drive (Ag) +0%
Evaluate (Int) +0%
Forbidden Lore (Int) +5% Psykers, Warp
Gamble (Int) +0%
Inquiry (Fel) +0%


Name Lvl Bonus
Interrogation (WP) +0%
Intimidate (S) +0%
Invocation (WP) +5% +10
Lip Reading (Per) +0%
Literacy (Int) +5%
Logic (Int) +0%
Medicae (Int) +0%
Navigation (Int) +5%
Performer (Fel) +0%
Pilot (Ag) +5% Spacecraft
Psyniscience (Per) +0%
Scholastic Lore (Int) +5% Cryptology, Occult
Scrutiny (Per) +0%
Search (Per) +0%
Secret Tongue (Int) +0%
Security (Ag) +0%
Shadowing (Ag) +0%
Silent Move (Ag) +0%
Sleight of Hand (Ag) +0%
Speak Language (Int) +5% High/Low Gothic, Ship dialect
Survival (Int) +0%
Swim (S) +0%
Tech-Use (Int) +0%
Tracking (Int) +0%
Trade (Int) +0%
Wrangling (Int) +0%

Talents & Traits

Name Details Page
Enemy Ecclesiarchy
Hatred Void Pirates
Heightened Senses Sound
Leap Up
Pistol Weapon Training Universal
Resistance Fear
Rite of Sanctioning

Special Abilities

Name Details Page
Psy Rating 3
Touched by the Warp
Void accustomed


Inferno Pistol (Mars)(Best)
Guard Flak armor
Psy Focus

Janus Aldos

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