Emperor's Hymn

Flagship of the Shilwulf Dynasty

CREW: 100
32 :HULL
30 :SP
Emperor’s Hymn
Hazeroth class raider
Stoic / Haunted
Type Component P 45 S 35
Plasma Drive Modified Jovian Pattern Class 2 - 6
Warp Engine Strelov 1 10 10
Geller Field Standard 1 0
Void Shield Single 5 1
Bridge Combat 1 1
Life Sustainers M-1.r 1 2
Crew Quarters Voidsmen 1 2
Augur Arrays R-50 Auspex Multi-band 4 0
Supplemental Warpsbane Hull 1 0
Supplemental Teleportarium 1 1
Weapon Sunsear Laser Battery 6 4
Weapon Strabreaker Lance Weapon 6 4
Total 39 30

The Hymn is more of a military vessel than a merchant vessel, and that suits the retired Imperial Navy Captain just fine. It’s based on a Hazeroth raider hull type, and sports significant firepower for its size. The dorsal Sunseer batteries give it an extended range of engagement and the prow Titanforge Lance gives the agile ship significant hitting power.

Lances are typically reserved for larger vessels like cruisers and battleships. For smaller vessels like the Hymn, a lance runs nearly the entire length of the ship along the lower decks. It sometimes comes as a surprise to the enemy when they detect the massive weapon powering up. Another surprise is the Teleportarium which aids in surprise hit and run tactics. It’s gotten the explores out of (and sometimes into) dangerous situations.

Silver hexagramic runes cover the hull and are an added layer of protection against the denizens of the warp. She’s seen many engagements but has always managed to pull through. The history of the ship before you found it, remains a mystery.


The Emperor’s Hymn came into the possession of the Shilwulf Dynasty several years ago. Octavius‘s ship the Invictus was chartered to transport a tech priest named Ethan Libram back to Omnicron 71-DX to stand trial for heresy. Libram’s unconventional approach to technology had drawn the ire of his fellow tech priests, resulting in his condemnation.

The journey was expected to be an easy one, but the ship’s navigator, Lazarus Leere, was forced to make an emergency drop from the Warp. The Invictus found itself hopelessly trapped in the gravitational well of the planet Tartara IV. Though thousands died in the subsequent crash, by the Emperor’s grace most of the crew managed to survive.

While trapped on the moon, an ancient naval base was discovered. Even more fortuitous was the systems of the base suggested that there was an orbiting space station with a singular ship still docked. Ethan managed to convince Octavius that he could repair the ship if given the chance.

With few other options, they used what little power they could muster from the long-forgotten base to transport Ethan and a few assistants to the station. The ship was even more ancient than the naval base below, its spirit almost completely gone. Still, Ethan was confident he could bring her back to life and toiled away for weeks.

On the planet’s surface the situation degraded quickly. Several mutinies were attempted, but were put down by Captain Shilwulf and those who remained loyal to the Dynasty. With water and food supplies perilously low, their ammunition depleted, and exhaustion setting in, Octavius questioned if Ethan’s proposal would work.

Finally, the engine’s sacred flames rekindled and she roared back to life. The engines settled into a steady, rhythmic thrum, akin to a heartbeat. A sound one crewman is reported to have said “Sounded like the Emperor himself was singing them a tune”. In that moment, the ship was reborn and given the name Emperor’s Hymn.

Emperor's Hymn

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