A list of helpful tags for searching through the characters.


There are quite a few characters we’ve encountered throughout our adventurers, so I’ve tried to make use of the tag system to make finding people easier. I try to tag each character with a career, organization, and location. You can type a tag into the filter section and it will show you a list of characters with that tag. Here are a few of the useful tags.


  • player – a list of the player characters
  • hymn – everyone currently aboard the Emperor’s Hymn
  • shilwulf – everyone associated to the Shilwulf Dynasty.
  • (career) – type in a rogue trader career name (like explorator)
  • deceased – not everyone makes it in this harsh world
  • favor – see who owes or is owed a favor
  • ally – see who we’re friends with
  • enemy – see who we’re enemies with


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