Ethan Libram

Savior of the Emperor's Hymn

++ Our enemies may rest but rust never sleeps. ++
NAME: Ethan Libram
FACTION: Shilwulf Dynasty
CAREER: Explorator
IMAGE: Page 15 – Edge of the Abyss

Once a tech priest who was to stand trial for heretical,creative thinking, Ethan proved to be the last hope for the survivors of the Invictus crash. Clearly gifted by the Omnissiah, Libram resurrected the Emperor’s Hymn, the current flagship of the Shilwulf Dynasty.

After an impassioned plea to the Adeptus Mechanicus tribunal, Octavius promoted Libram to ship’s Enginseer of the Hymn. Devoted to his ward, Ethan toils night and day to bring the ship fully back to life.

Much of Ethan’s body has been replaced with superior bionics, but one thing that he has never replaced is his eyes. Looking at his face gives the impression of a man encased in iron as his pale green eyes peer out.


Ethan Libram

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