Cynthia Xan'Tai

An odd navigator that joined forces with Lazarus.

++ Man's fear of the void existed long before he had means to travel it. ++
NAME: Cynthia Xan’Tai
PLAYER: TaylorWalston
FACTION: Shilwulf Dynasty
CAREER: Navigator
IMAGE: Mark Lawrence’s Blog

Nomadic House Navigator with strangely jointed limbs. Approximately 5’8 and slender, but height varies a little depending on how the joints are resting. Typically in full navigator robes, but you catch glimpses of long red hair. It’s unsettling to watch Cynthia walk as his joints bend in unnatural ways.


Cynthia is actually a male, but hails from a ship where gender roles are reversed from what is typical. He joined the Emperor Hymn’s crew during 01-05 Stealing is Bad – Restealing is Okay along with Ivan Warluskew as a collaborative Navigator endeavor with Lazarus Leere. Their plan is to crack the mystery of the foundling worlds, and figure out why “stable” warp routes never last in that sector of the Koronus Expanse.

GM Note:

Taylor joined us when the game was already well underway starting with this character. He wound up switching over to Victur Trantor (a monitor for an Inquisitor) during the session 02-05 Plants Versus Colonists after not being able to find the character’s “groove”.

Several sessions later during 03-04 What Happens on Seyjal Stays on Seyjal, Ivan Warluskew informed the crew that Cynthia had succumbed to too many mutations so he was taken off the ship in a ceremony reminiscent of a funeral. Technically Cynthia is alive, but he’s hidden deep in the lower levels of his Navigator House’s estate, so I’ve marked this character as deceased.

Cynthia Xan'Tai

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