Conrad Livingston


Image Credit: Sean Connery, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Conrad Livingston is the Rogue Trader of the Livingston Dynasty, an extremely wealthy dynasty that has prospered for millennia. He is a good-natured Rogue Trader who doesn’t care about amassing even more wealth. Instead, he is more concerned with adventure and the thrill of the hunt.

Every few years he sponsors a high-stakes star fighter race near Port Wander through Ruby’s Belt. Each Rogue Trader that wishes to compete is required to bring a racing ship, a pilot, and the titles to an endeavor worth one Profit Factor which will be easily transferable. Winner takes all. Conrad always enters a pilot into the race, but has yet to win it. The truth of the matter is, he likes to see how other Rogue Traders conduct themselves during the race. Those who conduct themselves honorably earn Conrad’s respect regardless of whether they win or lose.


A good natured, great white hunter-type from an old-money dynasty. The reputed ex-bounty hunter finds greater pleasure in the hunt rather than the kill and is always searching for a greater challenge.

Conrad Livingston

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