Annatolla Marastraza

Medic, missionary, and moral compass of the Shilwulf Dynasty

++ Innocence proves nothing. ++
NAME: Annatolla Marastraza
PLAYER: Snowmoon
FACTION: Shilwulf Dynasty
CAREER: Missionary
IMAGE: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Annatolla stands at a diminutive 5'4", with long fiery red hair that she usually keeps plaited. Though her skin is pale, she seems to almost radiate a healthy glow. When she first came aboard the Hymn her usual attire were long Ecclesiarchal robes. After her first mission with the retinue found them to be cumbersome and far less practical than armor. Hob, who she has become quite close to over the years, also played a part in this decision with his constant and not-at-all-subtle comments that robes weren't going to stop a bolter shell. However, despite being faded and frayed at the edges, Anna still insists on wearing the tabard that proudly proclaims her as a soldier of the God Emperor.

Her face is serene, almost ethereal, not the battle-weary complexion so common amongst the crew. From this cursory inspection, many simply assume her to be new to the order and likely out for a grand adventure. However, when people meet the gaze of Anna’s piercing emerald-green eyes, they are often overwhelmed by a feeling of great sadness, as if she bears the weight of every confession she has heard and every judgement she has rained down.

A thick, very aged leather-bound book is secured to her hip by a long silver chain wrapping around her waist. The chains clink softly when she walks, though this can only be heard on the quietest parts of the ship. On her opposite hip hangs a clearly vintage but well cared for chainsword. The phrase ‘Fiat justitia ruat caelum’ is etched on the blade housing, words which once held great meaning to her brother who was the original owner of the weapon.

On the outside, she appears calm but her presence gives a feeling of strength and well-being to those around her. Annatolla has vehemently worked to promote compassion and mercy towards those who are often deemed unworthy of such consideration. However, those who have stood beside her in battle know that this kind demenaor vanishes in the presence of true evil.

With all of this in mind, it can be justly claimed that Annatolla is more than simply a priest or doctor. Indeed she serves as a moral compass, a beacon of light in times of spiritual darkness, and a beneficent guide to the afterlife.


Annatolla first met Octavius through her older brother while finishing her medicae scholam studies. He acted as Octavius’s personal head of security, and insisted that Anna take a break from her studies to join them on a voyage. Though she suspected he was secretly trying to expose her to the adventurous life of a Rogue Trader, the mention of xenos archeology piqued her interest and she agreed to join them.

On that fateful journey, only Anna and octavius returned with their minds intact, the rest of the small crew were lost to insanity. Her brother was struck down while valiantly defending his sister, a vision that haunts her to this day.

Currently, Annatolla acts as the head of the Ecclesiarchy aboard the Hymn and chief medical officer to the Shilwulf retinue. A very private person, Anna counts Hob and Greuhod Gor’Lung among her closest friends, but always makes herself available for those who need counsel.

It is clear that Octavius Shilwulf trusts Annatolla explicitly, often seeking her advice on Dynasty interests. These discussions can occasionally become heated when the morally right thing to do isn’t the most profitable. Annatolla usually prevails in these arguments, but not always. Publicly the two seem to share a bond akin to old war vets, but those closest to them sense there is something more.

Character Sheet

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
45(55) 25 40(50) 50 35 71 35 50 53


Name Lvl Bonus
Acrobatics (Ag) +0%
Awareness (Per) +10%
Barter (Fel) +0%
Blather (Fel) +0%
Carouse (T) +0%
Charm (Fel) +10%
Chem Use (Int) +0%
Ciphers (Int) +0%
Climb (S) +0%
Command (Fel) +0%
Commerce (Fel) +5%
Common Lore (Int) +5% Koronus Expanse
Common Lore (Int) +5% Machine Cult
Common Lore (Int) +5% Tech
Common Lore (Int) +5% Imperial Creed
Common Lore (Int) +5% Imperium
Concealment (Ag) +0%
Contortionist (Ag) +0%
Deceive (Fel) +10%
Demolition (int) +0%
Disguise (Fel) +0%
Dodge (Ag) +10%
Drive (Ag) +0%
Evaluate (Int) +0%
Forbidden Lore (Int) +10% Heresy
Forbidden Lore (Int) +5% Xenos
Gamble (Int) +0%
Inquiry (Fel) +0%


Name Lvl Bonus
Interrogation (WP) +0%
Intimidate (S) +0%
Invocation (WP) +0%
Lip Reading (Per) +0%
Literacy (Int) +5%
Logic (Int) +0%
Medicae (Int) +20%
Navigation (Int) +0%
Performer (Fel) +0%
Pilot (Ag) +0%
Psyniscience (Per) +0%
Scholastic Lore (Int) +5% Imperial Creed
Scrutiny (Per) +0%
Search (Per) +0%
Secret Tongue (Int) +0%
Security (Ag) +0%
Shadowing (Ag) +0%
Silent Move (Ag) +0%
Sleight of Hand (Ag) +0%
Speak Language (Int) +5% High Gothic
Speak Language (Int) +5% Low Gothic
Survival (Int) +0%
Swim (S) +0%
Tech-Use (Int) +5%
Tracking (Int) +0%
Trade (Int) +5% Chymist
Trade (int) +5% Archaeologist
Wrangling (Int) +0%

Talents & Traits

Name Details Page
Basic Weapon Training (Univ) Bolt, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP C094
Melee Weapon Training (Univ) Chain, Shock, Power C103
Technical Knock Un-jam any gun as half-action once/round C107
Pure Faith Immune to Daemonic Presence, Spend FP to skip Fear tests, Insanity Points, Corruption Points for encounter C104
Unshakable Faith Re-roll failed WP Test to avoid Fear effects C108
Crushing Blow +2 Dmg inflicted in melee C096
Resistance (Psytech) +10 Resist C105
Talented (Medicae) +10 Bonus C107
Divine Ministration Spend FP to restore Dmg equal to WP Bonus, more C096


Chainsword (Best)
Combat Servitors (x5) (Good)
Light Power Armor (Good)
Medikit (Advanced)

Annatolla Marastraza

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